More City/Media Jocularity!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today the dead tree, as Ben Yount calls it, stated the City hired the Bronner Group back in 2015 to audit the Coliseum.

Instead of “there’s an app for that”, my new saying is “I’ve got a story for that”.

From September 17, 2015:

Bronner “discounted” their rate to $145 per hour!  How generous of them.

Keep in mind, I was in court at this time attempting to get concession documents from the Coliseum.  It’s laughable to think the Bronner group was auditing anything at the Coliseum.

Besides, the scope of work says nothing about the Coliseum!  Since the City didn’t manage the Coliseum, City-Wide doesn’t mean the Coliseum.  It’s really sad the City overpaid employees don’t know how to audit and assess risk.

Does media and the City think they can lie and get away with it?

Can we call this FAKE NEWS?

You might want to click on that link to see where Bronner employees make campaign contributions.

Conservatives not allowed!

I mentioned Ben Yount because he had me on a couple of days ago:

Yesterday Ben was on fire!  All three about the City, the media, and the Coliseum



6 thoughts on “More City/Media Jocularity!

  1. MORE media stupidity-SPOILER ALERT!!
    WMBD tv is going to have an “exclusive” interview with TA-DA Tari Renner at 4 p.m. today. Get out the popcorn!!
    This ought to be BETTER then a YEAR’S worth of MAD magazine!!


    1. Hallelujah!!! It is miracle recovery from his “illness” which kept him from his mayoral duties but not his paycheck at IWU!!!


  2. I personally agree with Diane that Tari’s been in time out. That said, I did watch the interview and he does not look well. He exhibits what looks to me to be symptoms of Parkinson’s. Emotionally the guy’s a wreck. The pressure is definitely getting to him. You can only spin things for so long before it begins to take it’s toll on you. It’s time for him to resign. If not for the good of the city, his own personal well being.


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