The CLUELESS are ruling!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Attn:  Council

If your information on ANY topic, especially the Coliseum, is from David Hales or Tari Renner you are getting “Fake News”.

Jamie Mathy is quoted in today’s paper saying the Management Agreement with CIAM “literally forbid the city from having access to the raw numbers”.  SOURCE

Jamie, why did the City buy the Point of Sale equipment that gave great recaps of every event?  For CIAM?

That system was over $100,000 so the CITY could see the concession sales.  Hales chose not to look at the reports!

Maybe Jamie should read the management agreement – this is the original:  Management Agreement CIAM

I sure don’t see anything prohibiting the City from accessing their own equipment!

Funny how the contract says ALL revenue is the property of the City!

CIAM thought it was their piggy bank because DAVID HALES and the Council didn’t do their job!

One more:

DAVID HALES never enforced this!  Why?  Stupid?  Incompetent?  In on the scam?

Got another raise for Hales before he leaves?

One more:

CIAM is responsible for the costs incurred by the City investigating their own incompetence!  It’s at least ten’s of thousands of dollars!

Jamie, get better information.  You look ridiculous.

In the same article Karen Schmidt claims “There is almost nothing you can do with people who decide they want to collude and scheme”.  Karen, how did I know?

She goes on to explain the audits were “clean”, of course leaving out that concessions were NEVER audited.  “Clean” is a stupid statement when the losses the auditors reported were MUCH higher than CIAM reported!

Karen, why didn’t you listen when Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower tried to get an audit of concessions?

Trip down memory lane:

Kevin Lower and Judy Stearns called for a complete review of the agreement with CIAM.  This was the meeting where the City wanted approval to go from professional to junior hockey.  That change should have been used to VOID the contract and start over.  Hales, Renner, Karen Schmidt, Mboka Mwilambe, and Joni Painter ignored Stearns and Lower.

City Attorney Jeff Jurgens also ignored both.  Of course he works for the City, not citizens.  Sage, Fazzini, Black, and Fruin were absent!

April 14, 2014 – Just hit play

Tell everybody again how it isn’t the Council’s fault Karen?

David Hales is despicable on this video. He knew concessions weren’t audited.

If the rest didn’t know, they should have!

Anybody sorry they didn’t vote last April?

Anybody sorry about WHO they voted for?





13 thoughts on “The CLUELESS are ruling!

  1. sad indeed , lies , possible bribes , who knows ,,, this is inexcusable and the mayor and city manager failed the trust given them in multiple ways , they need to be both suspended , subpoenaed and fully investigated as to this matter . but dems in power have a way of getting out of trouble they cause …by friends in certain places helping . no matter what .. it was definitely stupidity not to care enough to implement the contract and use any means to make sure all was proper and good as far as the citys interest go . thanks to Dianne for her persistence to unravel the dots and connect them , justice has showed up finally , wither it’s too late , that’s due to our incompetent folk in charge of watching over us .


  2. I recall reading the financial audits several years ago before the City began redacting them. The audits stated there were problems with how the $$ was handled which could result in theft. The auditing company said there were certain checks and balances which needed to be addressed. The same recommendation appeared over several years. I would link to the reports but they have been blacked out.


      1. That’s exactly the point. Those letters were given to Council to read and they didn’t or they ignored them over multiple years. Mathy’s quote in the Pantagraph says his “understanding” about the contract. Translation: “I didn’t read the contract but I’ll tell you what I was told.” Comments were disabled. Not surprised.


    1. Unrelated to this article, Mathy was the Alderman who claimed it is perfectly legal to use government credit cards as long as the $$ is repaid, just like in the private sector. He and the rest of the Council need to become more familiar with the official documents before making comments or voting.


  3. Maybe, just MAYBE, this will SHOW the folks who voted ALL these incompetents into office, WHAT they are REALLY all about.
    Just sit back and eat lunch and light dinners on OUR money and things will be OK, because I’m in charge! And I say so…
    Yep, the “spin” cycle is in full mode!
    Wonder what the CITIES books look like???


    1. Townie, the Pigs MUST be fed! They do all of the important work of the farm….Think of all the brilliant plans they come up with at their business lunches. How would we, the ignorant and uneducated ever manage without their leadership? How would we ever know that we need things? They are looking out for us, and they need our money so they can do that. We would be lost without them, they are the brilliant ones, the educated ones, the ones with such high morals.


  4. I see the legal out, it’s says see CIA books. Not BMI’s books which was the food & beverage Comp. that was most likely owned buy none other, JB.


  5. I just wonder when Super Hero Jesse Smart enters the scene to try and save Tari’s bacon like he did at The BEC hearing over Tari’s dummied up Election Petitions earlier in the year?


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