ANOTHER Court update

By:  Diane Benjamin

The next court date is Monday, April 25 – 9:30 am.  Same courtroom as last time if you want to attend – 5D

Judge Lawrence will decide whether the amended motion I filed is enough to proceed to a hearing.  If he rules against me the citizens of Bloomington will never know if John Butler paid the City as required by the contract.  They will also never know how much money he was paying himself and Bart Rogers and calling it a salary.

CIAM is still fighting to get the case thrown out even though they are now tossed from the Coliseum.

The City of Bloomington now has complete access to the Coliseum records since CIAM isn’t there to keep them out.  Instead of obtaining the documents I requested under the Freedom of Information Act, they filed another motion with the court on April 11th.  Basically, it claims the City tried really hard to get the FOIA information, but the big bullies CIAM wouldn’t give it to them.  Therefore, they aren’t liable.

CIAM was kicked out on March 31st.  The City filed on April 11th.  What does that tell you?  If the City really wanted to fill the FOIA request they would be bringing the documents to court Monday and handing them over.

Did John Butler destroy all the records, so the motion filed by the City is an attempt to circumvent being held liable?  Yes, it is a crime to destroy records that have been FOID’d.

Bloomington also claims the contract with CIAM has a non-disclosure clause.  Evidently it’s legal to write a contract that violates the FOIA law.  Sure.

Obviously nobody at the City is looking out for the citizens, but that’s shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone paying attention to how Renner/Hales operate.

Transparency in name only folks.

Notice how the media is completely ignoring the whole thing?


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2 thoughts on “ANOTHER Court update

  1. I have heard from a very reliable source that CIAM left the place in filthy condition and that Venue Works is spending a lot of time getting the place cleaned up. In other words, CIAM did not take care of the building and Venue Works is going to have a lot of deferred maintenance costs.


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