Mikey Update

By:  Diane Benjamin Update to the numerous stories about Mike and Mikey Cadena. I haven’t done a story for awhile because the judge doesn’t want either side using Mikey as a pawn.  Since that hasn’t stopped the other side, I will recap some of what happened in court yesterday. Mike will be returning to Illinois […]

Update: Arraignment Day!

I was asked by the Sheriff’s department to take the pictures down because they have rules!  Media must be credentialed through a lady at the Pantagraph.  Of course the Pantagraph doesn’t consider me real media, so I was never informed of this credentialing process.   A report is being written and sent to the State’s Attorney […]

What happened in Court

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday the judge heard arguments on the Motions to Dismiss filed by both CIAM and the City of Bloomington.  Both want this case to go away before I find anything else.  The contract calls for the City to receive 15% on catering – to date I have NO catering information, especially backstage […]

VenuWorks under investigation?

By:  Diane Benjamin I filed this Freedom of Information request with the City of Bloomington: I saw reference to this report in the last batch of emails I FOIA’d. Note:  This request was denied. This is the reason given for the denial: So, one of these is true: The City is so used to denying […]

COURT Monday 3:15

By:  Diane Benjamin On Monday Judge Foley will hear arguments on Motions to Dismiss filed by both the City of Bloomington and CIAM.  Both are claiming I have the documents I filed the lawsuit for. I am going to prove I don’t. Should be fun!  Come if you can, I love the support from citizens […]

More Coliseum Fraud

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s old news now that VenuWorks fired the Coliseum Manager.  VenuWorks found the fraud, the City of Bloomington never would have.  They completely ignored the old management and never blinked when the audited financial statements showed MUCH bigger loses than CIAM ever did. Of course, the City never checked to see if […]

UPDATE: Court again on Monday

Both the City Attorneys and CIAM’s Attorneys have filed motions to dismiss. I have a surprise for them on Monday! ______________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin Monday is yet another court date for my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington and Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) as an intervening party. http://webapp.mcleancountyil.gov/webapps/PublicAccess/TwoWeekDocketCivil.htm Judge Foley gave the City and […]

Court AGAIN Tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin The saga continues tomorrow at 2:00 – Courtroom 5C.  The attorneys for CIAM filed some last minute documents, probably hoping for another delay.  I really appreciate the support from citizens who took time out to attend hearings.  Come tomorrow if you can – it could get interesting.  I’d love to see a […]

Now for the Court Update!

By:  Diane Benjamin Ever heard of lawyers dragging on a case hoping you quit? I dragged it on long enough for CIAM quit! Brief recap: I filed the lawsuit when it became obvious the City NEVER checked to see if concession revenue at the Coliseum was paid according to the contract.  It was also apparent […]

Court update

By:  Diane Benjamin Come back tomorrow.  I REALLY don’t feel like writing now.  It’s complicated. (that doesn’t mean bad) Tomorrow will also have a totally unrelated surprise.  

ANOTHER Court update

By:  Diane Benjamin The next court date is Monday, April 25 – 9:30 am.  Same courtroom as last time if you want to attend – 5D Judge Lawrence will decide whether the amended motion I filed is enough to proceed to a hearing.  If he rules against me the citizens of Bloomington will never know […]

Court Update :)

By:  Diane Benjamin Today I was in court again with my case against the City of Bloomington concerning the Coliseum.  This time the City declared they won’t fight my rights to the documents, but they don’t have them. The lawyer for CIAM must not know Executive Sessions (the City’s secret meetings) are supposed to be […]

Court Update

By:  Diane Benjamin The lawyer for the City of Bloomington was a little late, so those of us present had time to talk.  The court reporter told an interesting story: He parked downtown and forgot to hang his disabled placard in the window.  He received a ticket.  He headed to City Hall to dispute it, […]

Court tomorrow 9:00 am UPDATE

The judge ruled the City of Bloomington has to pay my court costs – $271.  She did not make them pay all the incidental costs I incurred. Botton Line:  The City of Bloomington was found guilty of violating the Freedom of Information Act.   _____________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin If you are downtown tomorrow morning, come […]