VenuWorks under investigation?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed this Freedom of Information request with the City of Bloomington:

cashflowI saw reference to this report in the last batch of emails I FOIA’d.

Note:  This request was denied.

This is the reason given for the denial:

deniedSo, one of these is true:

  • The City is so used to denying FOIA’s, they just added this one to the list
  • We aren’t being told everything that happened with card-gate that led to the firing of VenuWorks employee Curtis Webb

Didn’t VenuWorks say they reimbursed the City for MORE than just his personal purchases with the City card?  Is the State Police investigating more than just CIAM?  Is the City paying for yet another audit?

Cash flow reports wouldn’t reveal anything astounding, all they would do is point out potential items to FOIA.  Why did they deny my FOIA?

No Clue!

Don’t forget – Court today at 3:15 in my case against the City/CIAM!

The judge will be hearing their motions to dismiss.

Maybe the City should have spent at least a little time investigating CIAM!



5 thoughts on “VenuWorks under investigation?

      1. The incompetent Bloomington mayor, city manager and entire city council hired one of the biggest jokes in the entire nation to manage the Coliseum, VenuWorks, look what is happening at the arena that Curtis Webb left to come to Bloomington from:

        At this moment, 7 months after VenuWorks took over Coliseum management, there is no general manager, no paying naming rights, two minor concerts announced and a police investigation of their spending.


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