More Coliseum Fraud

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s old news now that VenuWorks fired the Coliseum Manager.  VenuWorks found the fraud, the City of Bloomington never would have.  They completely ignored the old management and never blinked when the audited financial statements showed MUCH bigger loses than CIAM ever did.

Of course, the City never checked to see if CIAM was giving the City the right amount of concession revenue either.

The Coliseum needs a new name since the contract with US Cellular expired.  How would “Open For Fraud” look?  Maybe “Crime lives here” Coliseum?

How about the City just holds an exorcism. 

The place is most likely haunted by all the people who declared “we don’t want it” when the vote was taken.

My FOIA court case for concession/payroll information continues October 31st at 3:300.  Judge Foley has cleared her calendar for this one.  Finally some fun!

No, I haven’t talked to the State Police.  An ISP officer called me and said he would call back with a meeting date.  That was WEEKS ago.  (crickets)


3 thoughts on “More Coliseum Fraud

  1. Kudos to VenuWorks for finding the fraud, firing the culprit, and stating that they will reimburse the city for the loss. They did the right thing. This is the type of vendor that you can trust. Well done!


  2. The Coliseum seems like a very big boondoggle. Everyone I knew at the time it was being proposed thought it was stupid. I think it would make a nice aviation museum… with airplanes hanging from the ceiling…. What do you think? Our perhaps a cattle barn? Then maybe it could make some moooooney!


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