Bloomington Fireman #6

By: Diane Benjamin I don’t know if it’s Bloomington who has a criminal problem with their firefighters or if other departments are just better at hiding malfeasance. Number 6 was charged with domestic violence last December. The charges aren’t for beating up his wife, they are for beating up his girlfriend the wife evidently knew […]

This one is for law enforcement

By:  Diane Benjamin With threats from Pritzker, Koos, and Renner to call out law enforcement to keep people and businesses from exercising their Constitutional Rights, it is time to remember your oath of office.  It wasn’t to Pritzker, Koos, or Renner. The only power government has is from the Consent of the Governed.  See the […]

Mitchel Mohr guilty (Sonetz accident)

By:  Diane Benjamin Mohr was originally charged with 4 traffic violations: See these previous stories: Somehow the speed violation got reduced to 1-10 above the limit instead of what was originally reported:  71 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. Keep in mind his cell phone was never checked, the […]

Please explain why Nikita Richards has a job!

By:  Diane Benjamin Part 1 See Part 2 here: See Part 3 here: This was the job Nikita used to have, maybe still does: Nikita’s LinkedIn page shows NDR and Running for McLean County Clerk, but doesn’t mention she works for the City of Bloomington:   There is a description of what NDR Communications does […]

ISP – the written accident report

By:  Diane Benjamin As I reported last week, my FOIA for the accident reconstruction report included only video and pictures. I assumed a written report had to exist, this morning I received it.  I’m not going to post the entire report because it contains graphic pictures of the vehicles.  I will send it to […]

Sonetz – Mohr accident video

By:  Diane Benjamin The only reason I am posting this information is because so many people have questioned the conclusions drawn by prosecutors.  When the son of a government employee is involved everyone wants to make sure justice was done.  It should happen with every accident, but I can understand being suspicious. I filed two […]

Day of Reckoning Soon?

By:  Diane Benjamin We might know by the end of the month if Tari Renner is going to be charged with illegal use of government funds pertaining to the Japan trip and possibly more. Just to recap: Jason Chambers passed possible legal action off to the Appellate Court Prosecutor. The State Police did the investigation, […]

Accident Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin The only reason I FOIAd’s the State Police report for the accident involving the Normal West student who died earlier this year was because of a tip from a reader. If you didn’t know, the driver of the vehicle who hit her was the son of Bloomington’s Fire Chief, Brian Mohr.  Mitchel […]

When will Tari be indicted?

By:  Diane Benjamin I filed this FOIA request with the Illinois State Police on December 5th:   I received this response today: Justice delayed is justice denied! The investigation has been going on since August. Is this why Tari is pandering to his supporters and trying to cram as much through the Council as possible? […]

Get It Right!

By:  Diane Benjamin The 111 felony count indictment against CIAM employees was returned by the Grand Jury on September 20, 2017. In case you forgot, CIAM formerly managed the Coliseum. Every story the Pantagraph has written since has mentioned the Illinois State Police investigated for 18 months. Since it takes time to put together a […]

Official Misconduct: Gov Credit Card Use

By:  Diane Benjamin I hope the Illinois State Police investigation doesn’t take two years in the Bloomington case, but charges were filed against a former Champaign County official in September for personal use of a government credit card in 2015: Former Champaign County Supervisor of Assessments Joseph Meents, 44, of Fisher, charged in September 2017 […]

Pantagraph: Explain why Tari is scared

By:  Diane Benjamin The local paper has an article about the Cease and Desist email Bruce Meeks sent to the mayor.  See it HERE I don’t know what the writer means saying Meeks is “raising questions” about the airline ticket to Japan, but I wonder why Renner chose to go after Bruce Meeks when I was […]

Where to start, where to start, where . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Unpacking last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting will take more than one story! Let’s start with Tari Renner getting his PCard taken away.  Just hit play below to hear his comments. Tari claimed Finance Director Patti-Lynn Silva runs a great shop, there are no abuses of the PCard policy. Tari must not […]

ISP Proving Integrity: Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request with the Illinois State Police for the investigative documents pertaining to the Renner/Japan/PCard investigation in the purchase of Margot Erhlich’s ticket.  I just received a denial: _______________________________________________________________________ 09/28/2017 . Bloomington Normal News Ms. Diane Benjamin . Re: FOIR #17-2327 . Dear Ms. Benjamin: . Thank you for […]

Sister Cities non-budget

By:  Diane Benjamin I did finally receive my FOIA for the General Ledger entries to the Sister Cities accounts.  Travel expenses is sometimes in “Travel” and sometimes in “Community Relations”.  The accounts are full of transfers and memo entries that make it difficult to determine what is happening. The Sister Cities program is supported by […]

Hovering on a cliff

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: The 2017 year ended for the City of Bloomington last April 30th.  We are most likely MONTHS away from seeing real financial statements, late is what governments do and the private sector would never tolerate. I did find a glimpse into what they will say – see the link above. […]

Reprobate Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s time to review Tari Renner’s history as Mayor: Tari is the only mayor in Bloomington’s history censured for his foul language on this site.  See the comments to this story: Tari has an extensive history of attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with him – especially women.  See this story for […]

Update: Coliseum: Promises, Promises

Update:  The management announced today the naming rights have been sold – and for the same amount US Cellular was paying: $175,000 a year.  It will be name Grossinger Motors Arena for at least 5 years.  I haven’t heard who is paying for the new signs, letterhead, business cards, menus, etc. _____________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin […]

Sage’s man crush

By:  Diane Benjamin At the Council meeting two weeks ago, where City Manager David Hales got a raise, Alderman David Sage promised a speech praising him at the next meeting.  That meeting was very lengthily, so he wanted to delay his accolades.  Since every vote was unanimous Monday night, the meeting was short.  Sage took […]

Coliseum expenses continue to destroy

By:  Diane Benjamin The Coliseum audited financial statement from April 30, 2016 is still not available. The local media and candidates are pretending the ongoing State Police investigation of Coliseum operations isn’t happening. Naming rights expired close to a year ago, obviously nobody wants their name on the Coliseum if they have to pay for […]

Prosecution? You decide

By:  Diane Benjamin This FOIA request was filed by a citizen: USCC = US Cellular Coliseum Note:  Denied in full Now see the reason the City of Bloomington used to deny the request: Law enforcement doesn’t mean “court case”.  So, what is the City saying? Note:  The request was for information from 2014 and 2015.  […]

More Coliseum Fraud

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s old news now that VenuWorks fired the Coliseum Manager.  VenuWorks found the fraud, the City of Bloomington never would have.  They completely ignored the old management and never blinked when the audited financial statements showed MUCH bigger loses than CIAM ever did. Of course, the City never checked to see if […]

Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner was in Cuba, so Karen Schmidt conducted the meeting. The Coliseum got more of your money and it sounds like much more to come: Evidently the design of the Coliseum is REALLY bad – Hales plans to budget more changes to the building in coming years.  Watch the video starting […]

So Bloomington claims . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin The narrative Bloomington wants you to believe is they didn’t know about any malfeasance at the Coliseum by CIAM until VenuWorks took possession of the building. Forget for a minute that I’d been writing about CIAM since 2013. VenuWorks took over at the end of March 2016. This agreement was signed was […]

More: Coliseum Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I obtain an email address for an officer with the State Police who has knowledge of the Coliseum investigation.  I sent him an email stating not only concession commissions were an issue, but the CITY employees who allowed the problems to happen.  It’s unconscionable that David Hales allowed CIAM to operate […]

Coliseum Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m happy to see the Illinois State Police were called in to investigate the former management of the Coliseum. However, I have no proof they are investigating my allegations that surfaced because of my lawsuit, Or that David Hales is being investigated for his role. CIAM would not have been able to […]

Coliseum: Press Release issued

I just sent this press release to numerous local media: Diane Benjamin September 2, 2016 Press Release Bloomington City Manager David Hales needs to step down immediately Last week I obtained concession sale documents from the US Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington Il.  These documents were only obtained because of a Freedom of Information lawsuit […]

Coliseum: Where is David Hales?

By:  Diane Benjamin Within a 1/2 hour of receiving the Coliseum Concession documents, I had the numbers plugged into the spreadsheet shown in this story: It wasn’t difficult and I did it for FREE! Last year David Hales earned almost $240,000: Hales didn’t have time in more than seven years as City Manager […]