More: Coliseum Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I obtain an email address for an officer with the State Police who has knowledge of the Coliseum investigation.  I sent him an email stating not only concession commissions were an issue, but the CITY employees who allowed the problems to happen.  It’s unconscionable that David Hales allowed CIAM to operate in secret, publish fictions financial statements later debunked by audit, and then let the press believe the losses weren’t that bad.  It is unconscionable that concession commissions were never verified and Hales, Renner and the Council allowed it to happen.

Does anybody think they are managing the rest of the City any better?

The City is attempting to make people believe the problems came to light when the new management took over.  The citizens are smarter than that.  I do know part of what the State Police are investigating are things I have written about that have nothing to do with concessions.

Associated Press put out Renner’s version:

Since AP doesn’t do investigative reporting, they forgot to ask some serious questions.  Why did the City pay John Butler hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment if they knew problems existed?  Butler hadn’t produced any financial statement since October of 2015.  He didn’t leave until March 2016.  The City is paying a fortune for auditors to sort out the mess he left, so why the fast check to Butler?  Again, David Hales?

Bloomington:  Your City is fleecing you because they can.  There is a need for Culture Change, but not Renner’s version.  Government is supposed to only do the jobs citizens can’t, not redistribute your wealth to their buddies.

It’s not surprising the City turned to Bronner Group.  I’ve written about them before:

Friends of government get rich at your expense.  Because David Hales, Tari Renner, and the Council  didn’t do their job,  citizens are scammed again.

Seriously, where are the candidates for Council who aren’t puppets?  If none run for office, I can only assume citizens don’t mind being fleeced.






5 thoughts on “More: Coliseum Investigation

  1. AP belongs to the liberals. They put out garbage from the Obama machine & then AP pukes it to the other media who also do not not how to do investigation .


  2. I find it incredible that no one, or no media, has picked up on the fact that VenuWorks has booked one concert in over five months they have been in charge of the Coliseum. This is unprecedented for the Coliseum- it’s like VenuWorks is frozen out of bookings. They will turn out to be a much bigger disaster than CIAM ever was, at least CIAM booked big shows somewhat consistently. VenuWorks, or at least Curtis Webb, is incompetent, and pulled a bait-and-switch on Tari Renner, closing the deal by telling him they would book big artists across the country in their venues, which would include the Coliseum. The artists would perform at one VenuWorks managed venue after another on tour. He cited Kenny Chesney, which was a one-off at the Coliseum because of a forced cancellation at another, much larger venue. Renner actually bought that VenuWorks books big artists like Kenny Chesney in their venues and would bring them to Bloomington. He was quoted a few months ago in the Pantagraph recounting this conversation during the VenuWorks sales pitch. This is complete BS and so far, nothing. Tari Renner, resign now before your unfolding disasters hit full force.


    1. There was one person there responsible for those bookings. That person no longer works there. I don’t know if they were let go or they quit. Either way, it’s clear who brought in the business, and that person is gone, along with the business…


  3. They SHOULD have hired a consultant! They do for EVERYTHING else. there are MANY reputable companies (and individuals) that can competently manage an arena. Unfortunately, Bloomington don’t have the “draw” that a lot of larger venues have. Still, GOOD management could make it a busy place with trade shows, concerts, conventions, etc, ALL you need do is have it booked a good part of the time. Seems the “downtown” leaders just don’t get it.


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