Downtown Money Grab

By:  Diane Benjamin

Something happened at the Bloomington Council meeting last night that wasn’t on the agenda!  I hope the Live Stream is permanently repaired before the next meeting.  It didn’t work last night.

Tom Dabareiner, Community Development, stated that a meeting will be held on September 22nd – but it’s only for the downtown stake holders. These folks want downtown developed, so they are meeting to decide priorities and how much of your money they need to accomplish the task.

Back up a few years to all the Master Plans the City passed.  Every one was sold as advisory.  They never were advisory.  Now the City is plotting to padlock all future councils to their plans.  That’s what the Capital Plan discussion made clear.  All future spending needs to be locked in by this left-wing Council – just in case they get wiped out next April.

Every plan the City has brought forth since Renner became Mayor was a long-range plan to keep control of the City agenda long after he is gone.

The next Mayor needs to shelve the Master Plans and concentrate on essential services.  Central Planning never works.  Citizens will not bend to the will of government – unless forced.  Is that what you plan Mayor?

See Dabareiner here – just hit play:

The only mention of the Coliseum was during Public Comment.

Public comment started at 12:48.  Besides the Coliseum, 3 speakers spoke about the Connect Transit route changes.  As I’ve said before, Connect Transit exists so bureaucrats have jobs.  The speakers made it clear the new routes weren’t made for their benefit – or the benefit of other riders they know are struggling.  The City increased funding to Connect Transit, so the comments to the Council were valid.  They also need to be made in front of the Connect transit Board.  (if a bus goes there and is on time)





12 thoughts on “Downtown Money Grab

  1. “Tom Dabareiner, Community Development, stated that a meeting will be held on September 22nd – but it’s only for the downtown stake holders.”
    However, stakeholders are defined as “interested parties.” Therefore anyone who is interested in any way, shape, or form is duly invited to attend.

      1. Attending “would derail their planning session.” That is the point!! Pack the room with those who pay the bills to subsidize the DBA. If it is a city sponsored meeting, shouldn’t there be a posted agenda and public comment? Is this another FOIA violation??

  2. I have a friend who stops by every week, he USED to ride the bus, but now walks, as he says it’s MUCH EASIER then spending an hour on the bus each way. He now does the same to his doctors.

  3. “He defined who he meant: DBA members, cultural district members, etc. Nothing about others who will be forced to pay.” & “Not sure I understand that.” Sorry, I read it to mean that the meeting would require (outside) stakeholders to have to pay to attend the meeting. Misunderstanding, nothing more.

  4. Did you also notice at the very end Scotty Black trying to observe himself of any responsibility for the complaints about Connect Transit. That one was really hard for me to swallow. The City of Bloomington hands Connect $600,000 and hold the purse strings, David Hales is on their board and Council approves board members from the city of Bloomington. If service is not up to par then Scotty and his pals on Council need to deny Connect their funding.

  5. If you don’t like Renner’s leadership (what leadership), don’t vote for Diana Hauman. In the paper today, she stated she thinks like Renner or something like that. She is a “yes” person for the mayor and city manger.

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