This one is for law enforcement

By:  Diane Benjamin

With threats from Pritzker, Koos, and Renner to call out law enforcement to keep people and businesses from exercising their Constitutional Rights, it is time to remember your oath of office.  It wasn’t to Pritzker, Koos, or Renner.

The only power government has is from the Consent of the Governed.  See the Declaration of Independence.

The tyrannical orders to shut down businesses, pull licenses, and arrest those who do not comply puts a wedge needlessly between law enforcement and the people,  That relationship is strained enough, you can not allow your superiors to make it worse because your job is more important than your oath of office.  They are putting your safety at risk because the “sleeping giant” is not going to stand by and watch their liberty disappear.

Watch the video and then look at yourself in the mirror.  Did you sign up for law enforcement to trample on people’s rights?  That is what government expects you to do.

This officer fought on the streets in Iraq.  He knows the American people will not sit by and let government steal their freedom.  He does not want to see blood in the streets on either side.

What happens next depends on whether law enforcement remembers their oath of office or if keeping their jobs is more important.

Officers, look inside yourself and ask:  Am I doing the right thing?  No order or ordinance should make you go against what you know is right.

Please share this with your fellow officers.  Greg Anderson was suspended for doing this video.



6 thoughts on “This one is for law enforcement

  1. I disagree. This video is for all to see. I agree with what is said 100%. I would be more than happy to follow the chinese flu rules if the following holds. It is a rule brought to us by legal means that conforms with the constitution of the US. That means thru elected officials in a legislative body, not just the ego of one person. Then if it does not conform to the constitution hopefully we can rely upon the court syustem to fix. (That unfortunately no longer seems true). I like the fact that there are officers that do get what their real role in society is. His point about what happens if they forget their role and it leads to unrest is spot on.

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  2. “Don’t tread on me”! Came about for a reason, as did the rattlesnake on the flag, and it’s VERY similiar to what’s going on now. Look what happened THEN!
    As for officer Anderson being suspended, I’m surprised that the Police union isn’t backing him on this, as he IS very perceptive as to the situation at hand.
    THANKS for a GREAT video Diane! Too bad we cannot get Pritzker to watch it..

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  3. Officer suspended for exercising his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT? Where is the ACLU? Too busy defending illegals and criminals. If I was him I would find me an attn and slap a 2.5 million dollar lawsuit .


  4. Greg Anderson did not have a “Constitutional” right to post this video sitting in his squad car dressed in his officer uniform on DUTY. That was made clear by Police Chief Rod Covey.

    “Greg has always had the ability to express his opinions on what is going on in the country like all other Americans. However, he is not allowed to do so while on duty, wearing our uniform, wearing our badge and while driving our patrol car, ” Chief Covey wrote. “Greg has chosen this course of action even after he and I spoke and while also knowing that his actions were outside of well-established policy.”

    It’s appalling that a peace officer in uniform on duty is calling for armed insurrection. This is not acceptable. Any violence is on your head and the heads of everyone calling for this to happen.


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