Who is lying?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Tari Renner participated in a video conference led by the Peoria’s mayor.  There were MANY other mayors on the call, Chris Koos was not one of them.

Below is a clip of just Renner.  He starts by thanking Mayor Ardis for his leadership, he asks a question, then expresses his appreciation for their leadership again especially since their expert is an epidemiologist.  It sure sounds like he is on board with the re-opening plan this group put forward – with or without Gov. Pritzler’s blessing.  Hear him for yourself:

I was shocked when a friend told me later the Pantagraph did a story saying Tari would not do anything Pritzker doesn’t approve of.

See the story here:  https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/peoria-officials-unveil-subregion-plan-for-sooner-reopening/article_89b050a0-90e2-5e56-904a-8e837282d6b6.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1

Applicable Excerpt:

Tari lies again

Did Tari lie on the video or did the Pantagraph make up the story?

Both can not be true!

I suspect the story in the paper is more accurate, Tari just wanted to be seen by the area mayors on video pretending he supports them.

In reality he is playing politics with people’s lives.  He wants Pritzker to know they are in lock-step.  Both think magic money will appear to compensate for the economic devastation they are causing.  The shut down began to bend the curve, now it is to destroy businesses.  This has nothing to do with “keeping people safe”.  

Chris Koos is laughing at business owners he never wants to re-open.  Don’t forget:

koos taunts 2

See this story from yesterday for links to the plan:  https://blnnews.com/2020/05/13/the-hoi-re-open-gang-has-a-plan-a-bad-one/

I don’t agree with the approach, but at least they aren’t pushing tyranny on people just trying to put food on their table.  The Illinois governor, Renner, and Koos want to show people they will use force to destroy anyone who doesn’t comply with their edicts.

I suspect the only reason legislators are being called back to Springfield is to pass something giving total authority to Pritzker.  Can they be that stupid?  Yes they can.


20 thoughts on “Who is lying?

  1. I think Renner has it backwards. All governments (local, state, fed) are ultimately a creation of the people. So state gov is a creature of local gov which is a creature of the people.

  2. WOWSERS! Tari caught in a LIE! I don’t believe that’s EVER happened before. Especially when one of his “political leans” is involved!
    At LEAST Ardis is TRYING to get back to REALITY, meanwhile, Tari will ride his bicycle (probably purchased at koos klunkers) and wear his helmet, because the sky is falling, and he don’t want his thoughts damaged.

  3. Time to speak up! Big rally at the State Capital at noon Saturday. I hope the rain holds off.

  4. Mayor Little Man and Fuhrer Koos are in lockstep with the other Democratic Tyrants across the country.

    Their mission: Destroy what they can no longer control. National Populism’s rise in our country means THE END of the Democratic Party and the Socialist Left.

    Yes, they are more than willing to destroy our economy and the lives of millions of our people to burn down the house that they no longer feel comfortable in. They tried everything to destroy President Trump and stop the rise of National Populism. The last card they have left to play is: Destroy the economy and maybe they can destroy Trump and stop National Populism.

    The insanity that leaders like Koos, Renner and Governor Porkchop display every day is deeply disturbing and highlights just how cruel, partisan and clueless they really are.

  5. Who is lying ? All of them. What’s worse is they really do believe what he said about the basis of government. Unfortunately for them, I think circumstances are such that a lesson in the fact government is there by the okay of citizens for the simple task of ensuring our inherent rights are not abused or taken away. They do not give them, they do not take them away. Unfortunately we have sat back for years and let them be eroded by those tasked with protection because we are inherently conflict avoiding mammals at heart.

    The current situation is different….it is tenuous at best. Random acts of “disobedience” are becoming oraganized as they should be to have the desired effect. If the monarchies don’t back off quickly there will be a large and/or sobering event which will set off a unified countrywide reaction and there will be no turning back.

    They would be well served to study some history, take a look around without their fascist blinders on and decide where we are on the timeline to the edge. Only 40% of the population supported throwing off the king on this continent at one time in the past. That percentage is far exceeded outside the blue utopias. Don’t be surprised when the results you expect are not what you are handed.

  6. I think you dealing with two quantities here. Tari Renner definitely a liar. His narssisitic demeanor guarantees that. The Pantagraph reporting. Not so much lies but incompetence. Their reporters basically mimic word for word what they are told. Questions and research are unknown to them. Their staff and overall skill is defined by the recent awards handed out by AP for the state of Illinois. In their division (I only note this to show that awards were based on market size). The Pantagraph pitched a no hitter. They got nothing. Not a suprise when local news quite often is 48 hours old when first reported.

      1. That is a given. The reporter did not watch the video. A failure of research. The reporter no doubt found out about the conference and contacted Renner. They then repeated word for word what he said which is not confirmed by the video. A good reporter would have checked the source by whatever means to get confirmation. Again a failure of research and competence in doing the job right.

  7. The really frightening thing about all this to me is that Tari Renner is a political science professor and he actually believes according to the Pantycrap article, that “all local governments in America are creatures of the state.”

    What the hell? Has Tari ever read our Declaration or the Constitution? Does he actually think we live in a monarchy in which local governments in Illinois derive their powers from King JB?

      1. I’ve been questioning that for a long time. It’s political science professors like Tari and wanna be political science instructors like Erik Rankin who are trainng the next generation of voters and political leaders who are screwing up American with a flawed viewed of the Declaration and Constitution. Read the Pantycrap article quoting Tari. It’s on full display,

  8. Someday when the red wave takes over the mayors’ offices in B-N, perhaps in all irony the most crooked street filled with potholes will be renamed Renner Way never to fixed, left to rot and be avoided.

  9. I can’t recall a time that the Pantagraph ever posed a remotely challenging question to Renner or Koos, nor presented an unfavorable story involving either or both. They effectively copy and paste press releases/emails from both mayors’ offices. Are they lazy or politically motivated? I’m gonna say both.

  10. The local “paper” gave up ACTUAL reporting with the Hendricks trial. As for Tari and koos, telling the truth for them is like going to the dentist and getting 4 molars pulled without a lollipop at the end..
    And as for ole JB (and WHAT THE HECK does JB stand for anyway?? ) He’s looked at WAY too many pie graphs and just thought of PIE! He WANTS to keep them coming!

      1. Jay Robert. Sorry to think I would know this. As I noted earlier….to beat your foe know your foe. I prefer JB = $!@# ….oh forget that!

  11. “We are creatures of the state?” Seriously? Spoken like a true liberal. The state is a creature of its PEOPLE! Without citizens the state of Illinois is just a bunch of dirt! Leave it to a liberal to get it back asswards. As for the lying: Tari is telling truth. He is so much of a bobblehead he would never go against his leader.

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