Two things you need to see

By:  Diane Benjamin

Somebody in this picture thinks the City of Bloomington should “gift” property to him/her.  I’m watching.  I know the City likes to pick winners and losers, but it is illegal to give away City property that has value.  It obviously has value to the person wanting it.

zoom pic

I received the email below today.  The name is probably fake and the writer either lives in California or used a VPN.  Maybe Tari wrote it, it sounds like some texts from him I’ve seen recently.

I don’t need a haircut, my daughter is a hairdresser.  So far I’ve had two cuts during the shutdown.  Sorry dude.

It is always fun to see people who prefer slavery to freedom.  It’s even funnier to see leftists who think people of faith “hate” anybody. 

“Levi” doesn’t understand the sick and the endangered need to be quarantined – not those who aren’t.  He has no idea that small business owners are being destroyed so he can pretend to be safe.

Normally I hit delete on these emails, this one was too funny not to share.

Any guesses on how he votes!  (if he even bothers)

Funny how his types always resort to vulgarity.  It must be a leftist requirement.

tari wrote it







8 thoughts on “Two things you need to see

  1. Nice guy… Why is disagreeing with someone ALWAYS a reason to bring out the hate and ad hominem attacks?

    Answer: Because they have nothing else.

    Dear Levi Beerup,

    There are plenty of places for you to go online that will reinforce your world view and make you feel comfortable with yourself.

    The fact that you “hate that this site exists” says more about you than you imagine.

    Yes, BLNNews makes you feel uncomfortable. And that discomfort is from the cognitive dissonance that you are feeling.

    Get some help…


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  2. Sounds so much like a demo bullying post…could be renner, carillo or most any demo, since I am sure bullying one’s opponent is on the first page of the democrat’s playbook,

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  3. So much hate in that email. Wow. Just to pick out a few comments:
    1. Progressive-cause protests are good, but conservative-cause protests are misguided?
    2. Right-wing ideologies are ruining the basic foundation of our country? I’m pretty sure those ARE the basic foundation of our country.
    3. How many people have to die so you can get a haircut? Please have some empathy for people who are desperate to feed their families and were forced to close their businesses. Your grandma should continue to observe the quarantine because she is likely in the higher risk category. People should have the freedom to choose what works for them and what they are comfortable with.

    I understand many people hate the president and conservatives in general, but they cede way to much of their own power to Trump and the people who support him. Please take responsibility for your own peace of mind. Don’t give away your power.

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  4. Poor Levi, he is to be pitied as he seems to be unloved and filled with hatefulness. I can’t help but feel sorry for him and his idea of gods that are filed with haltered are contrary to the true God. I know the God of Love and that even He showed love to all sinners even when they knew Him not. He said that He came into this world to save sinners not those that claimed to be righteous. He did not discriminate against women, as was the idea during that time, but even spoke with women, and not only women but women that had loose morals and those that by local standards were unacceptable as not of the correct race. The Samaritan women is a prime example as she fit all three of these categories.
    I noted that he called you ignorant, yet I remember that some often people used the words “Bird Brained”, yet my backyard has many birds and I don’t really believe the are as dumb as some humans.
    I noted that he never pointed out any positive ideas and some of his ideas were not the most brilliant or learned. To state that right-winged ideas were contrary to the basic foundation of our country defies all history and documentation of our original founders. Maybe History 101 was learned from Rewritten History 101.

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  5. “Levi” is a typical narcissistic humanist. There is no real possible debate with them. An empty shell of a human, soulless, devoid of individual thought and any spiritual kinship with the world. Their only satisfaction comes from wallowing in negativity and despair while lashing out at those with purpose and conviction as the root of their problems.

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  6. Complete idiot!! Sad thing is, people like him met OTHER people like themselves, and they breed and have MORE complete idiots, and they are getting THICKER EVERY DAY!

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  7. Levi is so typical of the kids graduating from high school who have been successfully brainwashed by their Marxist teachers. The hate they always accuse others of having is the very hate they themselves exclusively possess. And isn’t it curious that they would never defend all the unborn babies who have been murdered by abortion. How dare they discuss death as though they actually care. Such a disgrace.

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