Democrats aren’t playing politics?!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Nikita Richards, failed candidate for McLean County Clerk, was recently elected to lead the McLean County Democrats.


When the economy was shut down we were told it was “to bend the curve”.  The purpose was to prevent massive numbers of hospitalizations that would overwhelm the system.

Overwhelming never came close to happening, in fact hospitals are losing tons of money because their beds, testing facilities, and doctors weren’t allowed to see regular patients.

“Flattening the curve” has turned into “stay locked in your house or people will die”.  Yes, Democrats are playing politics with people’s lives.  Businesses people invested their lives in will close forever.  Some people will have no jobs to return to when the economy does re-open.  (If democrats have their way after the November election)  Other people will have a delayed diagnosis of cancer because they couldn’t see their doctor for months.  What about mental health?  How many local suicides have happened the last few months?

There are no moderate democrats in McLean County.  Just like nationally, they have all been marginalized.  See George Gordon and Paul Segobiano.

Florida and Georgia are open, few if any lives lost.  Wisconsin held an election in early April with leftists crying they were killing people.  It didn’t happen.

Democrats want you scared and dependent.  I hope democrats live in their basement forever “to be safe”.  I know the rest of us would be better off!

Why would anybody vote for a democrat?

Posted by the head Democrat, yes they do play politics with people’s lives:

h/t a reader

nikita erickson

6 thoughts on “Democrats aren’t playing politics?!

  1. Nikita is full of (fill in the blank). She has played politics, the sex card and the race card and many others at one time or another. Happier news….saw a Subway in Morton open for business and people inside their establishment making orders. Free Illinois.

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    1. I don’t know about all Subways, but the one in north Normal off Raab road is also open and making orders, and has been for a while.
      Real freedom will come when they can allow people to sit down and eat without communist- or dictatorship-style threats of political retaliation. This started out as a medical issue, but is now more a political one.

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  2. This continued lock down is insane and all the Democrats supporting it are bat-sh## crazy. Everyone with a functioning brain knows it. It is time to open up the economy of Bloomington-Normal before there is nothing left to reopen. Enough with the insanity! It is time to open up businesses and let people go back to work.

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  3. FREE ILLINOIS!! And the Democrats be damned!
    IF they are so scared of the Corona virus, then LET them stay home and shop from their high horses!

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  4. The best thing we can all do right now is support Chuck and his plan to get businesses open sooner rather than later in McLean county. Contact your board members and let them know you support Chuck’s plan.

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