Renner: Emergency voids the Constitution

by:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Remember back in 2017 when elected Council members in Bloomington were sworn in using an oath that didn’t mention the Constitution?

After I pointed that out they were sworn in again using the legal oath.  I was told at the time somebody just pulled an old oath out of a drawer, it was just an accident.

I will never believe that was an accident.  The Illinois Constitution declares what the oath needs to say, there has never been a legal oath that doesn’t mention the Constitution.   It is much easier to ignore limits on power and Illinois law is you don’t swear to uphold it.

Below are text messages Mayor Tari Renner sent to a reader who was questioning Pritzker’s authority and Tari’s during the shut down.  Tari’s statements prove he considers laws and the Constitution immaterial during a crisis.  He even compares today to the Civil War which is ludicrous.

The texts also prove why Pritzker doesn’t believe his Executive Orders were only good for 30 days.   Pritzker and Renner types believe the Illinois Constitution is immaterial if they perceive an emergency.

Renner and Prtizker believe they can do anything they want unless a court stops them.  This proves why they “judge shop” cases and want the courts stacked with like-minded judges.

Renner and Pritzker have no moral compass that curbs their desire for power.  I wonder how the State Police are sleeping at night.  Pritzker is using them to enforce his tyranny.  Keep in mind your local elected officials and those in Springfield have been marginalized.  Do much for representative government.

renner text

In case Tari doesn’t know, the Edgar County watchdogs have litigated cases and won many if not all of them.  I have too, Tari should know that!  If law is too difficult from citizens to understand without an attorney it wasn’t written for citizens.

renner text 2


reopen illinois

14 thoughts on “Renner: Emergency voids the Constitution

  1. It is not just Tari and Koos….you can add Spencer Johansen,the mayor of Lexington to that group… my opinion, their actions, or lack thereof, is UNAMERICAN, and borders on criminal…

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  2. People like Pritzker, Renner, and Koos ( are fools on a ship of fools and need to be treated as such. Ignore their stupidity, their quest for dominance, their incompetent quest for a self image of meaningfulness and live your life. If they get in the way, quash them. Either stand for your freedom or revel in their tyranny but make a choice and stick with it. They are misguided fools who should be given no acknowledgement of their proposed recklessness. I would propose they be given mercy, but they have not earned it. They have forgotten who they serve and have chosen instead to dominate those they are supposed to be serving.

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  3. So is Professor Renner going to be working on keeping the trains running on-time to the camps or assisting in the rounding up of non-conforming citizens?

    Yes, Mayor Little Man and Fuhrer Koos and Democratic leaders like them are truly dangerous. Their veils have been lifted across the country. We now see these tyrants for what they truly are: Fascist Strongmen waiting for an opportunity to rule our country and our people with an iron fist.

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  4. Wondering HOW the State Police sleep at night. VERY TRUE! The Hobby Lobby in Peru opened up and the State Police showed up and shut them down.
    That STILL does not give creedence to JB’s arguement that he’s “protecting us” as here in good ole McLean county we have had 4 deaths, and just last eve the corner was on TV saying ONE was not covid, and MANY of the deaths that are “covid deemed” are not.
    That said, there have been 3,000 deaths in IL. HOW MANY in old JB’s Cook county. There’s a REASON that we ALL don’t live in Chicago, and it ain’t for the scenery!
    This WHOLE thing is just ludicrous! WHY do we have farmers who can’t get rid of hogs, and yet you have a 2 package limit on bacon, yeah, I know the packing plant dilema, but that’s overstated also. I guess THAT’S the NEWEST hoarding trend,

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  5. Of course he used Lincoln as an example. Lincoln conducted the Civil War for the first 3 months WITHOUT the approval of Congress. Since we celebrate Lincoln, why wouldn’t Renner lift him up as a hero. (He really wasn’t much of a hero at all, IMHO.) In reality, Lincoln should be a hero to people like Renner. The dream of being the ultimate supreme ruler of the universe is far too enticing for people like them. One rule for them, and different rules for us. Good thing we don’t have to put up with their nonsense.


  6. To repeat what I said about him yesterday, this idiot is a political science professor, preparing the next generation of voters and political officials. Scott Black was a student of Tari’s. Erik Rankin has a whole lineup on the county board.

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  7. If we focus on the county which holds the purse strings for the County Health Department, we can probably accomplish more quicker. The County Health Department actually has the authority to close businesses and quarantine people. Let’s support Chuck and his plan. Contact your County Board members. If we can be successful in this Renner and Koos have much less, if anything, left to even attempt to stand on.

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  8. Tari Renner in conjunction with Pritzker had an announcement today when it was found cats can have the chinese flu and there is a small chance that it can be transferred to humans. Due to this all cats are to be brought to the animal shelter to be euthanized. Some tin foil liberals seeing that cats can have the chinese flu and be unaffected have caused a run on fancy feast cat food and scoopable cat litter. Apparently they feel that a can of fancy feast a day keeps the chinese flu away. They are aslo removing their porcelin thrones and using cat litter to take care of business. Due to this there is a surplus of toilet paper and the price has come down to 1 cent a roll. None of this is really funny but it shows the mentality of these people who feel they know better than the founders of the constitution.

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  9. Renner assumes no one is doing their own research probably due to the premise of how he operates. He’s a mere follower, a tool for the mayors conference that marches him around like the midget that he is. Unable to engage in critical thinking, the professor is surely a major disappointment to his students mainly gaining favor through those many nights of hoisting a few cold ones. I can hear it now, “Hey Tari, let me get the next round, just give me a passing grade this semester, will ya?” WInk, wink.

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  10. I have been in Wisconsin and Minnesota over the last two days. You would think these liberal havens would be shut up tighter than a midevel virgin. Restaurants are still on take out in both places but opening up to small capacities for dine-in this weekend. Very, very few people are wearing masks nor are most businesses requiring it. They are pretty much leaving the choice to businesses what, how and how they will open. If they do not feel safe about it, they can remain closed. Effective Monday in MN, most businesses will begin full operations if they wish. Those feeling unsafe can stay home. Only Illinois looks to be utilizing Gestapo tactics in the Midwest.

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  11. Pretty sure the the constitutional scholar saw the Ten Commandments once and fancies himself Yul Brynner. “So it shall be written so it shall be done”. These folks all yearn to rule their fiefdom like Pol Pot or Mao without pesky rights and stuff.

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  12. To Mayor Renner. The Declaration of Independence says it is our duty to alter or abolish any government that does not secure and protect our rights.

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