Illegal Oath of Office?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I thought I had read in the Municipal Code that oaths of office for local elected officials weren’t defined.

This morning I found this:   SOURCE

The elected officials from the April election did NOT take this oath.

Those people are Tari Renner, Jamie Mathy, Mboka Mwilambwe, Joni Painter, Scott Black, and Kimberly Bray.

Citizens should demand an explanation!

The above people should immediately take the REAL oath of office and sign new documents.  I wonder if all their votes are void since they didn’t comply with the law?

Do laws matter Tari, or are you writing your own?


19 thoughts on “Illegal Oath of Office?

  1. We will probably never know, but given Tari Renner’s total contempt for the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution, it would not surprise one bit if he PERSONALLY changed the oath of office.


  2. No but we shouldn’t let this lay, me should make HAY out of this. Any bright ideas? At the Town Hall, Renner spoke about Butler having cajones to file suit against the city for unpaid commissions. Well, Renner just showed that he has biggger cajones by unilaterally changing the oath of office. He can be prosecuted, or we can file suit and a judge can remove him from office under state statute. I’ll call the States Attorneys Office today. How about ECW Diane?


    1. Here’s abright idea for ya, make up some flyers and plaster them on cars at all the union hall meetings, job sites etc. Then see how long the rank and file continue to vote for this commie. Pressure will be on union bosses to abandon the Renner ship. Even if they run tail and sign a new Oath, continue to make a big deal out of their original intent which was disrespect for out Constitution. Like him or not, Trump won the election and the support of the People for talking about Making America Great Again. This disdain for the flag, for the United States Constitution, this disdain for the United States of America and the rule of law is not being received by real Americans right now and now is the time for exposure. Good find Diane!


  3. Diane, You’re doing yeoman’s work regarding the unbelievable corruption in Bloomington/Normal. Tari Renner is a poster boy of bad behavior.
    I’m so glad I don’t live in McLean county. Bless you all.


  4. City Ordinance:
    Chapter 2 : Section 1 : Oath of Officers.
    Before assuming the duties of their respective offices or employment all City officers and heads of the principal subordinate departments shall take and subscribe the oath or affiliation prescribed by law. This oath or affiliation when subscribed shall be filed with the City Clerk.


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