Stacking the deck

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner has been seen shuffling the Public Comment cards at past meetings, likely resulting in “his” people being allowed to speak first.

The last time the “welcoming ordinance” crowd showed up to pressure the Council, the majority of the speakers were for the ordinance.  One lady had a problem with the bus system and another guy mentioned other topics.  The numerous other people who signed up to speak were not allowed.

For the 12/18 meeting the City website says public comment will be for 30 minutes.  That gives 10 speakers 3 minutes.  That amount of time is insufficient, especially if Tari is shuffling the cards again.

The first order of business should be to extend public comment.  The Council is responsible for bringing this divisive issue up, so EVERY person who wants to speak should be allowed to speak.  If they don’t allow the citizens to speak and Tari is allowed to shuffle comment cards again, it will further prove citizens with a different point of view are immaterial.

I hope the registered voters who stayed home last April realize they are responsible for having no one on the Council representing their interests.  Every person Tari wanted to win did.

From the Bloomington Election Commission  website for the April elections:




4 thoughts on “Stacking the deck

  1. They’ve been stackting the deck for a long time. Stockton did it before Renner, Koos been doing it for years. Put RENNER’S LACK OF Oath to the Constitution out there and see where that takes his socialist/communist agenda. It’s hard to defend being a traitor to one’s country.


  2. FYI, public comments can be submitted in writing to the City Clerk at least two hours before the meeting and will become part of the official record. You can and should still attempt to speak at the meeting. This topic should have been placed on an agenda for the Committee of the Whole where the public comment time could be extended not a Special Meeting followed by two other meetings.


  3. Stacking the Deck fix, number the sign up in order of signing up and that number must appear on a card that speaker brings to the mic or gives to the person who keeps the minutes.


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