Now we know why the OATH was changed

Also see this story:


By:  Diane Benjamin

Both City Council meetings on Monday 12/18 have been moved to the BCPA to accommodate the crowd expected because the Council will be discussing the “Welcoming Ordinance”.  The agendas and packets are not yet available, but according to the City website it will be discussed at the Special Meeting prior to the 7:00 Council meeting.

As evidenced by the change in the Oath of Office the newly elected alderman took, the Constitution is immaterial.

I finally received the Oath that Tari supposedly signed.  Refer back to the story from yesterday, none of the signatures were redacted.  Renner’s has both the Clerk’s and his redacted – if he actually signed it.  Note he also took the oath eliminating all references to the Constitution:

The City website says these meetings will not be live-streamed, but will be recorded and posted “at a later date”.

This is what the majority of the citizens who bothered to vote wanted last April.  Congrats, laws don’t matter.





9 thoughts on “Now we know why the OATH was changed

      1. For sure. Renner’s commie ways in print, what more could one ask for. Still there is a lot of red blooded Americans that would NOT appreciate the snub to the Constitution (think the NFL players taking a knee). This tidbit needs to go viral to the citizens of B-N especially the union members, military, police, etc., and then again about election time. This commie needs to be run out of town! Armed with truth it will prevail!


  1. This doesn’t explain why it was changed. Interesting that nobody on the council has come out publicly to voice a concern over removing the mention of the constitution. I can only assume the neither he nor the council believe in the constitution.


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