Tari’s Town Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin

I almost feel sorry for Tari.  Citizens who disagree with actions of the City and Tari were pretty furious last night.  I’m sure by the end Tari was ready for it to be over.  I expect his next event to be stacked with a lot more supporters.

Schedule:   12/12 – 5:30 – at the BCPA and 12/20 – 5:30 – Miller Park Pavillion.

If you are on Facebook, you can watch the video from last night on my page (Diane Sroka Benjamin).  Several citizens live streamed the event.  I know one of the videos already has close to 2000 views.

A couple interesting things happened.  Tari recapped his version of economic development.  He claims to not only look at what it costs to bring a business here, but also the effect that business has on the local economy.  He mentioned the Coliseum producing $100,000,000 of economic impact.  In case you don’t know, this is the lack of data formula used to calculate that number – they make it up:

Building the Coliseum cost at least $35.8 million, not including the interest on the bonds.  Next add the massive losses each year taxpayers had to cover.  Add the sales tax increase passed for the BCPA that got diverted to cover the bond payments.  Now consider who benefited: the guys who built it, downtown restaurants, CIAM, others? Who got hurt?  The people who have never attended an event because either they can’t afford it or have no interest, but were forced to pay for it anyway.  Everybody pays higher sales taxes.

If the formula isn’t bogus enough, the justification is even worse.  Tari did say if he had been on the Council he “probably” would have voted against it.

There was some discussion of building a sports complex.  Watch out if this is the methodology they use to promote it.  What they are doing is redistributing wealth from the people least able to afford it to those who should have raised the money privately years ago.

There was a dust-up between Bruce Meeks and Tari Renner.  Bruce is the guy who issued a cease and desist email to Tari to quit lying about him in the media.  Sue Feldkamp, a friend of Bruce and a very nice lady, tried to end the feud between the two.  It didn’t go well when Tari offered to shake hands with Bruce and apologize, but he couldn’t remember why he was apologizing.  Bruce refused to shake his hand, then Tari again accused him of suing.  Tari, Tari, Tari.  Bruce has never sued you and Bruce is not the guy who challenged your petitions.  Kevin Gerrard is and he had every right under the law to do it. Is a mental health exam needed?  Tari is still fixated on the lie it was Bruce a year later?

One citizen wanted more information about the budget.  Tari resorted to saying it was discussed in length at the retreat.  That would be the meeting with no video citizens can watch because it wasn’t held where live streaming was available.  Do citizens have to live stream events themselves so other citizens can be informed?  Last night citizens did.  Since the retreat lasted many hours, it’s harder to accomplish.

The other big dust-up was between Tari and Angela Scott.  She thinks dissolving the Downtown Bloomingtion Association and hiring their employees (costing you a lot more) was illegal.  She has a point, I’m looking into it.  How did the City not violate their own code by not allowing anyone else to apply for the job Tricia Stiller got?

 The City Code prohibits discriminatory practices in employment . . .


From the packet PDF page 217    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14532

It sure looks like the Council voted to hire two people, instead of advertising the job and accepting resumes from other interested people.  Tricia Stiller was not able to achieve self-funding for the Downtown Bloomington Association, so what makes her qualified for a city job?  Just asking!  Why did the council hire two employees when that isn’t their job description?

Tari was not present for this meeting, he was on “medical leave”.  He was not aware last night that TWO employees were added to the staff, not just one.

The cost to citizens went from $90,000 a year to $267,456.78.

This is another reason for “structural deficits”.  In case you forgot, Painter and Mathy recused themselves, Sage and Mwilambwe voted again it.

See the vote here – bottom of PDF page 6   http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14778

Try to attend at least one of the next two Town Halls, Facebook Live it if possible!





17 thoughts on “Tari’s Town Hall

  1. You can be sure Pinky and the other militants will be there next time. Probably with their vulgar signs, too. They’ll be prepared and aggressive (and probably high)…so whoever else attends needs to be ready for that.


    1. Pinky and “the militants” showing up next time would only bring political downside for Tari. If they’re there and/or captured on video at the event, the optics for Tari would be a disaster. If he’s politically savvy, he’ll leave them out of the townhalls and bring out some articulate, well-dressed supporters with social capital and some influence in the community that are more relatable. Regardless, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Tari is politically on the run…Koos is not far behind.


  2. i watched the video twice .lol ,, many points were made and a few shelved , but it was either we discussed that , I’ll get that to you later ,or can’t supply that yet on many questions . as to the infomercial on downtown , I expected no less to happen. a few things were discussed that left me wondering if any will change the pattern the mayor and council have pursued with blinders and earmuffs on so far . priorities are important , and as my limited income gets ate up more , it troubles me to see dollars wasted on chasing dreams and .turning private enterprise into public expenditures ..


  3. It’s important to note that I expressed concern about the Downtown Business Association being a lobbyist group. Not only did they get government money, Government is now doing the lobbying for them. Can any group of private businesses start an association, select employees, and then lobby government to hire said employee when they no longer want to lobby for themselves. Because I have ideas and friends that need good jobs.


    1. It was shocking when Karen went off on Angie to defend Tricia when Angie was questioning the Council’s actions, not talking about Tricia’s job qualifications! Karen must have learned respect at the same school Tari did!


  4. I question if Tari is mentally fit enough to remain as mayor. Let me start with him continually accusing Bruce of suing him. I find it troubling that he repeated that last night as I was sitting before him, looking directly at him as he made his remarks. Last January, we spent several days either sitting next to each other, or across from each other, during the hearings when I sued him before the BEC. Also, if he couldn’t remember what he said and did to Bruce, then obviously the admonishment he received from the Council had no impact on him and was forgotten as well. How could he not remember that two people worked at the DBA? What about the additional cost to the city by hiring the people onto the city staff? If they couldn’t get the job done under the DBA, then by god, what magic is going to suddenly appear to improve their work performance? Karen can bellow and snort all she wants, it’s a fair question and I suggest if she’s going to sit in the audience, she ought to zip it. She has her bullypulpit on Monday nights. Maybe exploration by a group of citizens should be considered at taking the necessary steps to bring him before a court to remove him from office? Sanctuary Cities ( aka Welcoming Cities) are illegal. Immigration law is reserved to the federal government. State and local governments must comply, and they can not decide for themselves that they will ignore the law. Federal law always TRUMPS state and local law. Therefore, these Safe Cities/ Sanctuary Cities are illegal and the politicians that pass and enforce them, can be criminally liable and be convicted and sentanced to 5 years in a federal prison, and 10 years in a case where there is death or serious bodily injury cayused by an illegal alien. AG Sessions and the DOJ are considering implementing this action, so I hope the City Council takes note that they might be held accountable as well. I encourage everyone to write AG Sessions and request that the DOJ look at criminally indicting this Mayor and City Council if they pass the Welcoming City Ordinance


    1. I think you’ve nailed it, Kevin. The more I see of Tari the more I’m convinced he’s mentally unstable, and like you I’m not being funny about it. I think he’s got some serious issues that need serious attention.


  5. Honestly! I could DO a better job job of getting people DOWNTOWN. Just by greeting them in a WELCOME fashion, maybe giving out some coupons, telling them about the businesses that are there and letting them KNOW about the “Deal of the day” People just WANT it to feel welcoming and Bloomington, and worse yet UPTOWN does NOT do that! I have a friend who USED to spend a lot of time in UPTOWN, but since they call it that , he just says “screw em” He now shops in Lasalle or in Peoria.


    1. They don’t want regular people in downtown. They want the elite. That is their target audience. Seriously. This is not about the community. This is about the important people who want entertainment. This was so eye opening for me it is ridiculous. Someone needs to stop it. I’m researching, because I’m pretty sure there was nothing lawful or beneficial to the majority of Citizens. Plus 2 more council members should have recused themselves and did not. Had they done so, there would not have been enough yes votes for this farce to pass.


      1. What? The downtown library idea is for the elite? A new transit transfer center is for the elite? Keep up with that researching. LOL.


    2. Wow. Problem solved. Thanks, Townie. Where have you been with all of your simplistic, uninformed, uneducated “strategies?”


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