Tari Flashback, Monday’s agenda

By: Diane Benajmin

Something I found while looking for something else, this is dated in December of 2017:



Monday night Jenn Carrillo’s Welcoming City Ordinance is on the agenda:

Are you going to tell the Council not to approve this Tari?

Change your mind?

You now want Bloomington to be a sanctuary City on your way out?

Another agenda item is a proclamation for Judy Markowitz.

On December 6, 2017 at a Town Hall meeting, Tari stated if he was on the Council he probably wouldn’t have voted for the Coliseum. https://blnnews.com/2017/12/06/taris-town-hall/

That isn’t stopping him from saying this in the proclamation:

Markowitz had a clear vision that didn’t involve citizens. I did the story below in January of 2018 after a reader gave me a TON of old newspapers with Coliseum stories. Markowitz is why there is no money to make downtown cute or get rid of empty buildings. She is also responsible for higher Sales Taxes that were supposed to pay for the BCPA but then got diverted to the Coliseum mortgage because the venue was NEVER close to “not costing you a dime”.


Judy was a sweet woman, I did talk with her a couple of times. Her time as mayor does prove electing people with “vision” costs you dearly – for MANY MANY years.

April 6th vote for leaders without an agenda. Essential services is the only job government should have. They screw up everything else. Mboka Mwilambwe fits that description! The socialists will redistribute what little wealth you have left.

Do people know there is an election on April 6th?

The primary for Ward 7 is Tuesday, anybody taking bets on how few people will vote?

7 thoughts on “Tari Flashback, Monday’s agenda

  1. Every time I read the first sentences from Carillo’s proclamation I shudder that there may be people amongst us that would fall for something like this.

    Some of our residents live in fear of deportation. Collaboration, actual or perceived, between our local law enforcement agencies and immigration enforcement agencies, can create distrust in the community and jeopardize the safety of all residents.”

    Her intentional deception and fear mongering is obvious.

    It is a well documented fact that most halfway sane people who break the law suffer from mental stress and anxiety caused by what they have done. The solution for their stress is not to change everyone else’s attitude about the crime and restrict law enforcement so that they and their families will feel better about themselves.
    If they are not responsible for what they have done who is? It appears that our community and law enforcement are.
    Is this is the new model of how we are to deal with breaking the law? What next?

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  2. An if/then scenario –
    Using Jenn Carrillo’s model for community initiatives –

    Many of our residents live in fear of crime in the community. Restriction and/or de-funding of our law enforcement, actual or perceived, can create distrust and fear in the community and jeopardize the safety of all residents.
    Therefore, the proposal is that Bloomington’s legal department draft an ordinance that would declare Bloomington as a Free Gun Zone. All residents will be allowed to carry a gun for their own protection given (1) the restrictions placed on our local law enforcement, (2) the threat, actual or perceived, of their de-funding, (3) the slow or nonexistent approval by the state for FOID registration.
    We know that unrestricted immigration can bring, actual or perceived, problems with drugs, human trafficking, gang activity and other criminal activity which can jeopardize the safety of all residents.

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  3. @FROMHERE,,,right on!

    And I would like to add apart from your thought. As many of our residents and (even the unsuspecting immigrants) would live in fear of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being denied to them if the Constitution continues to be trampled on. As without the adherence to that great document this country is becoming an open air slave camp in denial of freedom for all. Although it shouldn’t be necessary, call it a reminder that therefore as a legal citizen of the USA I demand that this city declares a resolution to be a Constitution Sanctuary City. Tari please ask Diane for a full explanation if you don’t understand and aren’t afraid to reach out to the other side.

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  4. It’s too bad that Jenn is too IGNORANT to realize that this just slaps in the face ALL the citizen from other countries who DID COME HERE LEGALLY, AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT!! Is that so hard to ask Jenn?
    You WANT to allow people in that basically “ducked” under the rope or skipped the citizenship class just so YOU can feel good and make SOME KIND of a unfounded stance?
    Self serving people like you Jenn DO NOT represent the citizens of this nor ANY other community, and YOUR “ilk” wants unity, while propagating the opposite philosophy!
    NO ONE has to “fear” the law, UNLESS they are doing LAW BREAKING!!


  5. As far as I can tell, Jenn and Sonny are fakes. If they really did care about “their people” they would be more in tune with the rule of law becuase lawlessness is what “they all” are trying to escape.

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