Tari Flashback, Monday’s agenda

By: Diane Benajmin Something I found while looking for something else, this is dated in December of 2017: https://www.wjbc.com/2017/12/13/renner-bloomington-wont-be-sanctuary-city-mayor-sees-need-to-cut-personnel-costs-to-reduce-spending/ Excerpt: Monday night Jenn Carrillo’s Welcoming City Ordinance is on the agenda: Are you going to tell the Council not to approve this Tari? Change your mind? You now want Bloomington to be a sanctuary City […]

FOIA Funnies

By:  Diane Benjamin I received a large FOIA from the City of Bloomington this week.  They extended the usual 5 days to 10 and then attempted to extend it even further.  I refused their request. When I FOIA for emails what I get is the same emails numerous times.  Each time there is a response […]