More Questions for Pam Reece:

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember 305 S. Linden? Without a vote by the Council Pam Reece declared this building surplus property and put it up for sale:

Request for proposals:

Since the property is in a TIF staff doesn’t need the approval of the Council according to Town code.

Bidding ended in November. Waiting until after April 6th to announce the results Pam?

The pic below is in the underpass grant submission documents. See your new library? 305 S. Linden is in Uptown South, corner of Irving and Linden. The Town only owns half of this building.

Does the buyer know the Town has the property in a TIF? Is the Town planning to buy it back in the future for development? Is somebody setting up a future windfall since the Town loves paying a lot for properties they want?

Of course the shenanigans ends when voters choose better leaders and priorities. Vote April 6th.

One more from the Grant Application:

Same statement as yesterday:

The Council has never voted to COMMIT $7.38 million. Note the Town wanted $16 million, they only got $13 million. Even the Feds must have agreed the design, including fountains, was excessive.

See the Public Comment above. Government doesn’t “get it right” because they aren’t spending their money. Case in point: Amtrak riders can’t be dropped off at the station door. Cars are expected to drive through a parking garage first. Also, 1 Uptown Circle only got built because Normal is paying ridiculous rent for a floor when they did have paid for space at 305 S. Linden. Don’t forget the first floor still doesn’t have a tenant years after it was built.

Forward-thinking means hoping the plans work out and collecting a pension if they don’t. Meanwhile the citizens get the bills.

Leave the “forward-thinking” to the private sector. Risking their own money means better decisions that don’t stick taxpayers with the bills.

April 6th

April 6th

April 6th

April 6th

April 6th






2 thoughts on “More Questions for Pam Reece:

  1. Most people don’t even know there will be an election. Some great facts posted on Facebook showing the incompetence of the current mayor and council. Except they are preaching to the choir. We need to get those facts to the people in the pews or those who think their high real estate and other taxes are actually doing some good. Maybe when they get the Normal debt spelled out to them and the perks given to their buddies they might wake up and replace this arrogant misguided group with the exception of Nord. Party affiliation doesn’t matter. The Mayor and his crew including Pam need to go.

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  2. Agreed Elizabeth! One mistake once in a while is acceptable, maybe two, but this batch of circus spinoffs just goes from ONE bad plan and blows it into FIVE or TEN!
    Uptown in General
    ONE mud hole plaza
    Rt 66 “tourist” debacle
    Rivian water line
    Right fit mind set
    Various properties sold to cronies
    No train whistles in town?? What’s this about??
    What WE don’t or are not supposed to know…

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