Did Pam Reece LIE to the Feds?

By: Diane Benjamin

The document below and MANY others were received by FOIA via a reader.

From the submitted underpass application for Federal Funds:

Included in the application for Federal Funds:

Who writes a letter and fails to have a DATE on it? Pam Reece:

Fully committed?

When was the vote Pam? Behind closed doors in violation of the Open Meetings Act?

Does this prove the Council only exists to rubberstamp what Reece and Koos dream up?

Remember your 5 year budget Pam? You are “committed” to spending $7,380,000 but it isn’t in the budget?

Remember the $8 million Normal parked in the Vehicle and Equipment and Reserve Fund while claiming that will be used 14 months from now to pay off debt? Will there be a surprise vote to use that money instead of paying off debt? https://blnnews.com/2021/02/03/normal-is-stockpiling-money/

Does this email from yesterday prove Pam Reece lied on the grant application?

Does that sound FULLY COMMITTED to you?

Don’t citizens expect their elected representatives to vote

before a hired City Manager makes claims?

Are the people you elect just inconvenient to Koos and Reese?

Are Koos and Reece waiting to spring this after the April 6th election?

More from Pam – February 1st Budget session, just hit play:

12 thoughts on “Did Pam Reece LIE to the Feds?

  1. Pam and the Finance director said the $8M was to pay off existing debt in 14 months. The finance director even signed off on the lie letter given to the feds. Your FOIA clearly justifies why Nord says he does not trust Pam and her minions.

    I wonder if any of these people realize their web of lies is coming apart and start to jump ship to save their reputation.

    Diane, this is one of your best finds!

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  2. The very first order of business for the new Town of Normal Mayor is to do a comprehensive housecleaning of Staff. But, that assumes enough of the registered voters will take time to vote. That is a BIG BUT!!!!!

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    1. Unfortunately, the elected do not have the authority to fire employees. That task is the purview of the City Manger. New City Manager might do some housecleaning.

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  3. con man
    [ˈkän man]
    conman (noun)
    a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.

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  4. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest all but one member on the Council were given a heads up about the letter and were asked/told to be counted on for a “yes” vote at a later time. The Council vote is a mere formality in the Reece and Koos world of ‘we know what’s best for all of you, just shut up and sit down.’ One gets the sense that they are rushing out as many big-ticket spending projects as possible before the election. I wonder why.

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  5. Never forget in BN the Elitist Clique is all-knowing and all-seeing. Using your money to eat steak and caviar or build bridges to nowhere is their right as your overseers. They have never cared what you thought nor will they ever. No matter what or what doesn’t happen in elections, the Clique will find their way around it. You see, the real future of either community is decided behind close doors when their futures and the future of their families are at stake. Pam was like a child princess in some foreign land awaiting her coronation. Her Queen Mother ( in-law) Sonja was behind the curtain. and had been promised Pam’s position. years in advance by other Clique members in exchange for doing their bidding. It is just the way it has always worked here and always will. Blood relationships, country club memberships and running in like circles determines your success or failure here. Lies and skullduggery is conveniently covered up by Clique member lawyers and judges. You see, this illusion that hard work and competence matters never has in ole’ BN and it never will.


  6. SOMETHING here needs to be “FULLY COMMITTED” and it’s NOT uptown to some future water bog of an underpass. What NEEDS to be fully committed is Pam…


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