Fly on the Wall: Trail snow removed before streets

Flying around I saw lots of angry citizens who couldn’t get out of their driveway for days, maybe still can’t.

I see the trails in both cities got cleared before streets.

Are both Normal and Bloomington using snow to fill the potholes?

How much MOTOR FUEL TAX was used to clear the trail for bikes that don’t pay anything in? Time to tax bikes?

How many medical emergencies were delayed because the trails were clear but roads weren’t? I did see one, know of others?

Electing better priorities April 6th?

13 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Trail snow removed before streets

  1. Anything to do with the roadways in BloNo is immaterial. The street my significant other works on is never completely cleared, despite there being at least 2 houses on this street that are disabled citizen housing. On the same street, this last snowstorm, there was at least one homeowner who disregarded the order not to park on the street and what did get plowed had to be plowed around their two vehicles. And this street NEVER gets salted.

    Traffic laws are immaterial in BloNo. Literally no one cares about traffic laws being followed. I see people run red lights all the time. I see people not stop at stop signs. I see people doing 40 in a school zone, EVERY DAY. I even had a USPS carrier in one of their little cube delivery trucks tailgate in the snow because I evidently was holding him up with my safer driving.

    This is not new, and it just reflects the overall attitude of BloNo citizens about the state of roads and driving in general. Apathy is the rule now. Until the rest of the twin cities start caring about traffic laws and what happens to the roads, this will continue indefinitely.

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  2. That’s right townie. Give us your tired, your poor, your UNEDUCATED masses that want free stuff in exchange for your vote so you can turn this country into the same craphole you just left.

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  3. I live near the trail, eastern Bloomington. My portion of the trail had a City pickup with a blade plow it about noon Monday. I got stuck in the foot of snow in the street at 2 pm Tuesday trying to get a neighbor to ER. Plows came, two of them, about 7 pm Tuesday and did a good job, even with two big trucks parked on the street. I was thankful I got her to the hospital (she had to walk an extra 150 feet due to the snowy street though she was in quite a lot of pain). I was thankful they admitted her because I wasn’t sure if I’d get back home or not. We seldom get plows here though they come within a few blocks of us, and I’m guessing we all are taxed equally. The snow falls equally on the plowed and the unplowed.

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  4. Motor fuel tax is not spent on snow plowing. Having said that, there are 800 lane miles of streets to plow in Bloomington. The “trail,” with the exception of Rt 66, was not plowed in the SW portion of the City.


    1. Trail is maintained by appropriate town’s parks department. Roads are maintained by public service. Different unions; different responsibilities. Nice try, though.


      1. In Normal the Public Works and Parks both belong to the same IMRF union. The spending and work priorities are assigned by the town manager. She says clean the bike trails before the roads so they are.

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  5. I live in the Blooming Grove subdivision (SW BLM, inside the Interstate) and can only commend the City for the excellent job they do clearing S. Morris Ave and this entire subdivision. I’m of the opinion there are 1 or more “Big Shooters” living in this subdivision, but if this is their normal routine, the remaining “little people” in this subdivision appreciate their good work.


  6. TLDR is right, snow on the Trail is cleared by Parks and Recreation. Snow removal for streets is done by Public Works.

    “How much MOTOR FUEL TAX was used to clear the trail for bikes that don’t pay anything in? Time to tax bikes?”
    Motor fuel taxes aren’t used to plow streets. Bikes that don’t pay anything in?

    More than likely those bicycle riders have cars and do pay gas taxes. They also pay property taxes for the Trail which is more than you do in the town of Normal.


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