Stan Nord walks out of 2 on ?

By: Diane Benjamin

Both the Bloomington City Council and Normal Town Council members meet with staff before meetings. It would take way too long to hash out issues in public, so they do it in private small groups instead. Items the majority of the Council will reject at meetings never make it to the public. That is why virtually everything passes at Council meetings. The results are already known before the meeting takes place. I bet very few items are rejected, at least in Normal.

On February 9th Stan Nord had one of these meetings. He didn’t say who he met with so a FOIA’d it. Even though the TOWN set up this meeting with 2 Council members they didn’t know who came:

I didn’t ask for a formal roll, somebody could have copied Pam’s calendar – but that was too difficult:

This is the heading to Stan’s Facebook video:

He walked out of this meeting because he was the only one in attendance who cared about the impact on citizens!

Nord never said who the other Council member was. Luckily, that Council member couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He posted the below in comments to Stan’s video:

McCarthy doesn’t understand that “agenda items” impact your wallet. Obviously they don’t care since taxes and fees are continually increased because the “fund is short”, “pensions need funded”, or whatever else they can blame instead of themselves for wasteful spending. Every agenda item should be viewed as spending YOUR money. McCarthy obviously believes that once they steal your money it’s theirs and the impact on you doesn’t mater.

Remember $5 million to lay water pipes on top of Bloomington’s?

Of course McCarthy voted Okey Dokey on that one as well as many others.

Elections April 6th

Your friends and neighbors won’t even know unless you tell them!

(Think that’s are purpose to maintain the status quo?)

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