Uptown South Comedy!

By: Diane Benjamin Normal is building a pedestrian and bike underpass that will likely cost $30 million by the time it’s done. Vehicles will continue to sit behind trains blocking College and Linden because the underpass isn’t for vehicles. Linden won’t be 4 lanes anymore in the Uptown South plan, it is going on a […]

Uptown South, since Uptown was such a success

By: Diane Benjamin The Uptown TIF district was started in 2003. Since then it has collected $22,889,578. Bonds totalling $80,600,00 were issued to collect that $22,889,578. That doesn’t include interest which adds many more millions because only interest was paid on the bonds for many years. Add at least 50% to that number. TWO developers […]

Why does Normal have a purchasing policy?

By: Diane Benjamin Tonight’s documentation: https://www.normalil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4489 Normal will spend $107,244.79 without bidding: The policy should just be abolished since Pam Reece ignores it at almost every meeting. Time for a lesson on government: Fiscal responsibility doesn’t happen with government because they spend other people’s money (yours). ISU closed the approximately 23 acres on Shelbourne in […]

Uptown 2.0 takes flight!

By: Diane Benjamin Is anyone occupying the first Floor of 1 Uptown Circle yet? Has Pam Reece found someone to sublet the second floor so taxpayers aren’t stuck with the ridiculous lease? The Council told her to do it well over a year ago! How many other empty spaces are there in Uptown? Didn’t the […]

More Questions for Pam Reece:

By: Diane Benjamin Remember 305 S. Linden? Without a vote by the Council Pam Reece declared this building surplus property and put it up for sale: Request for proposals: https://www.normal.org/bids.aspx?bidID=267 Since the property is in a TIF staff doesn’t need the approval of the Council according to Town code. Bidding ended in November. Waiting until […]