Uptown South Comedy!

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal is building a pedestrian and bike underpass that will likely cost $30 million by the time it’s done. Vehicles will continue to sit behind trains blocking College and Linden because the underpass isn’t for vehicles.

Linden won’t be 4 lanes anymore in the Uptown South plan, it is going on a “road diet”. Chris Koos claims 4 lanes are only needed for an hour or an hour and half a day, so he’s all for stealing 2 lanes.

What is he stealing them for? Bike lanes. I can’t imagine why Mayor Bike Shop would want bike lanes in front of his business! Anybody know?

The fancy new underpass is right there for bikes to use. The new bike lanes are going to cross the Linden railroad tracks anyway. Weren’t we told the underpass was needed because crossing the tracks is too dangerous?

Uptown South Master plan as presented last Monday: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BTWQz-JBNuM7egLWoN1vsrX64AxO4xU4/view

See PDF page 22:

Who is this plan for? It isn’t for citizens. Normal wants national glory for leading “change”. Hold on to your wallet, better yet vote for Nord, Tiritilli, and Sila. Maybe Scott Preston will act conservative and help stop this nonsense.

11 thoughts on “Uptown South Comedy!

  1. It’s clear these bike lanes are being decided by his personal love for a biking hobby. I’m not sure why people have not come together to start the recall signing. last time I was in Bloomington\Normal the roads are still falling apart and this guy seems to start up a new bicycle incentive every year. I hope someday the Bloomington/Normal residents that pay their taxes get hear again over this selfish man that uses tax payers money for his own personal use.

  2. Why bike lanes and a road diet on Linden. There will be bike lanes all over Uptown South. I’m so sick of all the road diets in Bloomington-Normal. If North-South bike lanes are really needed along Linden they should be separated from the vehicle traffic. Not along the road. They have room to do this.

  3. More important. This appears they are eliminating the police dept as they are eliminating the police station???

      1. Well that leads to an interesting question. Where is the Shiney new police station to be built and what is the cost?

  4. The 1st Uptown plan called for Koos’s bike shop to be “incentivized” to be on the trail. It looks like sacrificing 2 lanes for car traffic in order to route bikes to his shop is that incentive coming to fruition.

  5. although no longer a resident of il, i spent over 50 years in and around b/n and monitor the current local shenanigans with great interest. i seriously cannot recall the last time i saw a bicycle in the bicycle lanes in either town, whether as a resident or frequent visitor. what am i missing?

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