Don’t listen to Anonymous people

By: Diane Benjamin

Every feel like you are just pawns government sucks money from? You should. All most elected people want is your money, not your opinion.

Responsible Cities PAC thinks they have innate powers to tell you who to vote for. The funny part is they don’t say who they are!

NO names are on their website. Who are they hiding? People you would never take voting advice from?

Obviously YES!

Government’s first job is to preserve freedom and liberty for future generations. If they don’t understand that one social change goes in the opposite direction. Vote accordingly.



2 thoughts on “Don’t listen to Anonymous people

  1. Pissed Off Citizens Group was formed just before the Revolution of 1776. We don’t belong to no stinkin’ political action committee nor do we want to. Yeah, we had had enough and eventually went to war to prove it. Now we’re just a bunch of descendants, regular people trying to make ends meet after going along to get along mentality that has allowed the pyschopaths that walk among us to take control. We’re coming together again to difuse the woke, pc mentality that is turning the world upside down to benefit a few oligarchs who have and will continue to use the lemmings that have sold their souls for a few fiat dollars.

    We believe that local elections are of utmost importance as this is where it all begins and then stops the evil global takeover of unelected tyranny. To be clear the idea of local elections that claim to be non-partisan is an untruth meant to comfort the sleeping masses. Although a co-mingling of the demonrats and rinos are a major problem at least the republicans still have some critical thinkers opposed to the demonrat rank and file that blindly follow their party line. We believe there is hope in ousting the demonrats. As we’ve witnessed the social change, diversity claims and such destroy the good ole’ USA we do realize that our forefathers knowledge was quite intuitive of human nature of which has changed very little.

    Come with us as being yourself to think critically and understand that the fruits of your labor is being wasted, being given away to those who do not deserve it, and outright being stolen. Rather than to stay quiet and apparently consent to the crooked behavior of those that took an Oath to serve this one great USA. Remind these tyrants that they work for you and they do not own you or your assets. It’s up to you to wake up, pay attention and join the converstaions. Start the conversations. Explore knowledge. Then get your posteriors to the polls and vote these crooked psychopaths out of office.


  2. Responsible Cities PAC is composed of some of the most short sighted , in-it-for-me type manipulators in local politics today. Their own grift and friends-n-family nepotism is boundless.

    They tried their best to foist off chamber pawn Mike Straza on the public and it failed.

    This group definitely does not have citizens or taxpayers best interests at heart.

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