Parents: Watch this video with your children

I know some of what this young man says is happening at Unit 5 high schools. Let your children tell you if they’ve seen it!

If you can’t see the video a link is in the comments. Transcript is below courtesy of a reader!

The bad new is Schools are completely out of control. The good news

My name is Brad Taylor and I just finished my Freshman year at RHS. I’ve been a part of District 196 schools for 10 years. I’m going to give you a glimpse today of what’s actually going on inside these schools.

Despite the boards attempt to deny it, District 196 schools are quickly becoming a place where promoting activism is actually more important than promoting education. I’ll take you back to my first day at RHS this fall.

The principal came out and gave us a heartfelt speech about equality and standing together. He begin to list countless racists such as latino, asian, expressing how much they matter and important they are. Never once did he mention a race or identity that reflects me or more than half the kids that were in the class.

Now members of the board, I know you haven’t been to school in awhile, and I know most of the people don’t have any kids left in the school district, but you must admit how uncomfortable it would be to be characterized just by your skin color on the first day of school. To be thought that you were wrong just because of your skin color. So I’ll never forget the look one of my friends gave me from across the room as we were sitting there listening to this blatant bias being expressed in this so-called equity statement by the leader of our school.

To be clear, I don’t need you to tell me that I matter. But hearing the condolences given to other races and leaving just one race out, inevitably you start to feel like you’ve done something wrong. And in our principals attempt to unify us, he instead created unwarranted boundaries and barriers between students. Pitting us against each other based on characteristics that we can’t control.

In another separate instance I was told that writing All Lives Matter on the white board was political and could be seen as offensive. When I questioned the teacher after class she told me that she didn’t have an answer and that I had to erase and it was quickly erased.

There are political signs all over RHS about specific races that matter, specific sexual orientations that matter, and specific perspectives that matter. But when I questioned the RHS administration about how these signs were political, they told me that they were supporting human rights. So when I questioned why the equity statement couldn’t represent all students they told me that to even ask that question was outlandish and offensive. When I asked why that was they told me quote, “whites have a pretty good situation right now.” Unquote.

So is that not racism? Disregarding my question because of the color of my skin? To be honest, after enduring a year of people in charge telling me that I’m a racist, and I’m privileged, and pointing out our irreversible differences, I’ve never noticed race more. And it’s becoming the first thing I notice when I meet someone which has never before been the case.

RHS administration confidently told me that RHS students and staff are happy with their equity statement. But from my experience in talking with other students, this is not the case. I know many kids who disagree with their teachers but they’re too scared to stand up because they’re worried that their grades will be docked and their learning experience will be affected.

My honors government teacher, I’m not going to say his name, but he’s mentioned that democrats care more about all people, while republicans only care about themselves. And he’s also inferred to us that socialism is better than democracy. And he had a statue of a socialist leader in his classroom.

I have been told by a lot of kids that they just stay silent and adjust their school work to reflect an acceptable opinion just to secure a good grade. I’ve been approached by multiple teachers who have told me in private that they just want to say they agree with me and support me standing up, but they can’t say it in front of the class for fear of being disciplined by the administration in some way or losing their job.

There is clearly only one way to think in this district, and that is that they are teaching the kids to shut up if they don’t agree.

Now members of the board I want you to take a good look at yourselves in the mirror tonight and ask yourselves, “Are you really standing up for equality of all people or are you just pushing a damaging political ideology on our students?

A fellow co-worker at my job, who by-the-way is of color, discretely told me that the schools seem to be pushing a very leftist agenda in class. This proves that not everyone is happy with your school. And not everyone who isn’t happy is white.

Due to all these instances I’ve mentioned and more than I can’t fit in this five minute speech I’ve decided to leave this district and continue school on a private christian school on line. And there will be sacrifices, and I will not get to walk in the graduation ceremony or attend milestones at RHS but I will be able to learn in an environment that is not intent on punishing me daily for my skin color and political views.

Regardless how you take my speech, whether you just shrug it off as malarkey or Fox News talking points, I encourage you to think about it. Because someday I’m going to be a leader. I may be the President, a Governor, or just a professional golfer. But I will never stop believing that everybody has value no matter their skin color or personal beliefs. And it’s a shame that your not going to be able to say that I was an alumni of RHS and district 196. Thank you. (Huge applause)

8 thoughts on “Parents: Watch this video with your children

  1. I applaud this young man’s courage. He is articulate and 100% on point. We also need to show this to students who are currently having to listen to this DEI nonsense in school. It’s only going to get worse. In the 2023-2024 school year they will be rolling more of this out.

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  2. Yes. My sons agree 100%. Normal West is a political statement in left wing propagandists promoting there agenda. I have pictures and proof of BLM flags, LGBTQ flags, Equity (CRT) in the school, teaching Alternative English (anti-American Indigenous curriculum versus the classics of Hemingway/Poe/Twain’/Atwood).
    I discovered Another “adult themed” book in the Unit 5 library system, particularly Normal West.

    We must win these board seats!!

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  3. I’m hoping someone does some research and finds out if this board changed any policies or personnel as a result of this speech, which is excellent. My guess is no. Until people start losing at the ballot box, and in some cases going to prison, nothing will change.

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  4. Many people think the indoctrination this young man and his classmates are subjected to is a recent
    phenomena perpetrated by the left, but it isn’t.
    A long time ago, during my week of orientation with 94th Artillery in West Berlin, I and several other
    ‘cruits’ as all newbies entering into Charlie Battery were called, were told it was mandatory that we
    attend an all day race relationships. I sat in a room with about 40 other replacements who were of
    European descent such as I and the class was led by minority officers and NCOs.
    I won’t get into the details as some of names and things that were said about us are not fit to print.
    Most of us in the class were from small towns or farms and it was the first time most of us had been
    called a racist. In my opinion, that class did more damage than it ever did good. It left me and most
    of the other attendees not only insulted, but angry and confused.
    But I think it did accomplish one thing and that is from that point, we were on our guard against
    this form treatment then, as now.
    This young man is making the right move and some day he will be a leader to look up to. Stand tall!

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  5. An even better scenario would be to have a kid like this in a school like that but also one of the kid’s parents is a lawyer and he stays in the school.
    With that in mind maybe Unit 5 should consider reinforce their litigation budget and or insurance.

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