Sports Complex MUST be Dead on Arrival

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night I actually asked the people around me if they heard the same things I did.  It was close to the end when Evan Eleff of Sports Facilities Advisory stated the complex will never pay for itself.  I asked him about it after the meeting ended.  He told me this is Parks […]

Tari’s Town Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin I almost feel sorry for Tari.  Citizens who disagree with actions of the City and Tari were pretty furious last night.  I’m sure by the end Tari was ready for it to be over.  I expect his next event to be stacked with a lot more supporters. Schedule:   12/12 – 5:30 – […]

$20-$30 million for low wage jobs

By:  Diane Benjamin Mark Peterson – Normal’s City Manager – talked to WGLT yesterday: Peterson thinks taxpayers should pony up $20-$30 million for a sports complex! The total cost will be $50 million, but it’s not a Public-Private partnership.  He doesn’t say where the rest of the money will come from or who will […]

It’s the Lies – too many of them

By:  Diane Benjamin Repeat lies often enough and either some people will believe them – or somebody might check the facts! Let’s check some facts! David Hales and the Coliseum management like to spout economic impact numbers.  If accurate, the City should be swimming in all the new revenue created by the amazing gift thrust […]

Coliseum: Wanting you to believe

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the City of Bloomington: Coliseum 1st Quarter Impact Over $2M Total economic impact in 1st quarter $2,026,789 Posted Date: 9/8/2014 . The Coliseum lost $139,667, but you are supposed to believe losing money is good because of the impact it has on the local economy. . I’ve reported before on […]

Coliseum’s Economic Impact (cough, cough)

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the Coliseum’s own reporting, the building produced an economic impact of  $98,000,000 since opening! Did you get your cut?  Is the City of Bloomington debt free because of all this economic activity?  Are incomes rising?  Are property value in downtown Bloomington rising?  (Not the Pantagraph building:  City Manager […]