New Oaths Forthcoming!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The “Welcoming Ordinance” meeting is December 18th at the BCPA.

This morning I emailed the City Attorney, Jeff Jurgens about the oaths of office.  I just received a response:

Keep in mind Tari Renner, Mboka Mwilambwe, Joni Painter, and Scott Black have taken the oath of office before. Ask them why they didn’t notice the oath they took on May 1st was to nothing!

I hope MBoka’s oath says he was elected this time instead of appointed.

I wonder if the new oaths will be given in secret?

The incorrect oaths garnered a special meeting on May 1st.





8 thoughts on “New Oaths Forthcoming!

  1. Why is there a city attorney when you have to advise him of errors in procedure, of money unaccounted for in city coffers (i.e. Colliseum) and misuse of city funds (i.e. plane ticket for Renner’s girlfriend)?


      1. May I suggest I buy and donate a pooper scooper? It can be wrapped, and then given to Jergins at the next City Council Meeting? Bruce can present it to Jeff for cleaning up all the Tari Pies created by Renner, and then we can collectively wish him a Happy Festevus? Thoughts?


  2. Uh huh, uh huh. Call me silly, call me downright skeptical, but they could tell me that the sun was rising in the morning, I wouldn’t believe any of them. Too many lies and deception to be afforded any credibility whatsoever. Wiith all that alleged brain power not only taking the verbal oath, but also signing their individual document? No, they got caught now they are fixing it. AG Sessions Office, McClean SA Office, other outside agencies and media were notified. Nah they, “ the brain trust of the City of Bloomington “ signed and recited the wrong Oaths! Each one of those clowns needs to send back every degree they ever received from whatever institution they graduated from! Lord help us all.


  3. This Community is in So MUCH TROUBLE. SO MUCH TROUBLE. We need a Guardian Ad Litem to make sure are rights are being upheld. I would actually pay tax dollars for that. I wouldn’t trust Jeff Jergans about this Defacto crap…isn’t he the one that let them sign the damn things in the first place and where else has this happened in which half the council swears an oath to nothing? Where else?


    1. Again, I’m not buying it either and I’m even more insulted with this flimsy excuse. They’d have to move mountains to convince me that snake in the grass didn’t delberately do that omhe could claim he wasn’t violating his oath of office with the Welcoming City Ordinance.


  4. They better take them at a public meeting with the cameras on. Even if they are not “required”. What a mess. Took what Diane 2- 3 minutes to cross check the oath given and the available to the world from the Illinois State Statues. Renner needs to resign he is going end up damaging the democratic further including Dick Durbin. You should see what was on CNN tonight with Tucker Carlson about a Mayor verbally abusing female council member. Just like our local abuser.


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