After County Administrator gets an unknown raise – she wants your money!

By: Diane Benjamin This is the only mention in the agenda attachments of the raise the County Board awarded to Cassy Taylor last night: Board member Chuck Erickson tried to stop it because salaries of Administrators are out of control. He couldn’t muster enough Republican votes to stop it. So, how much is it? I […]

Ross Webb Announces Candidacy for McLean County Board’s 10th District 

BLOOMINGTON IL — Ross Webb has announced his candidacy to serve the citizens of the 10th District on the McLean County Board. Ross wants to give a voice to the constituents of the eastern Bloomington district and is delivering a message of common-sense approach to local government.  Ross is an advocate for the taxpayer, a […]

Is electricity GREEN?

By: Diane Benjamin If you haven’t opted out of electric aggregation in Bloomington and Normal you are paying than than you could have because both councils chose the higher “green energy” rate. At the last County Board meeting they did the same thing. The Board voted 16-3 to pay $41,776 more for “green” electricity than […]

Celebrate! Will Josh Barnett be gone in November?

Barnett decided not to run again! By: Diane Benjamin That question is hard to answer since MANY voters see a familiar name and vote for them. Low information voters are a huge threat to good government. Barnett is frequently an obstruction to keeping the County government as small as possible with low taxes, he sides […]

Local Republicans prove their worth

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean Country Board Executive Committee met Monday. Members: Every one of them is Republican except for Laurie Wollrab. Josh Barnett is questionable at best even though he claims to be Republican. I think one person were absent, I don’t know who since role wasn’t called. This group is capable of holding […]

Voting for Democrats costs you money!

By: Diane Benjamin It should be obvious, but evidently too many people think government needs your money, so they vote democrat. How many tax increases does the State of Illinois have to hand you before you figure out government is working for itself – NOT YOU? Illinois Democrats have no intention of fixing the unaffordable […]

Update:  County Board – 5:30 today

No decisions were made.  After almost two hours of many thinking they have the right to violate the rights of people and businesses, a motion was made to table.  Some republicans voted with the Democrats not to make a decision. Meanwhile, the surrounding states are open. ______________________ By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington and Normal have no […]

Democrats aren’t playing politics?!

By:  Diane Benjamin Nikita Richards, failed candidate for McLean County Clerk, was recently elected to lead the McLean County Democrats. When the economy was shut down we were told it was “to bend the curve”.  The purpose was to prevent massive numbers of hospitalizations that would overwhelm the system. Overwhelming never came close to happening, […]

City of Refuge Church: GOP not allowed!

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember when Nikita Richards campaigned during a church service? City of Refuge Church must have decided they messed up with Nikita, so the GOP was invited to speak at the church.  Various dates were discussed and then all mysteriously cancelled. Four candidates where going to come BEFORE a service to […]

County: Paying bills we never see

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I attended my first County Land Use Committee meeting.  Everything in County government is done in committees, it makes watching what they do close to impossible.  By the time items make it to the County Board they will likely be rubber-stamped.  This isn’t just a McLean County thing, it’s how most […]

Update: No Dem on the ballot for County District 10

An independent has until June 25th to file.  That person would need 549 signatures, and at least 1000 to survive a challenge.  I’ve heard a name floated – it would make the race FUN! ______________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin Filing paperwork to run for office isn’t an easy job.  Evidently the new Democrat Party Chair, Erik […]

Conservatism died in McLean County today

Update: by:  Diane Benjamin Today the County Board voted to accept a $170,000 State grant to help implement ObamaCare in McLean County.  They accepted the money from a bankrupt state which got it from the bankrupt feds to implement a program that is failing across the country and will never be ready to start […]