County Board to vote on HOI Plan Thursday

The plan will be presented at today’s meeting.  Imagine a real vote instead of the dictators Renner and Koos making all the decisions.

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7 thoughts on “County Board to vote on HOI Plan Thursday

  1. The vote is next Thursday. This was a way for the people who want to vote no anyway to have the same effect without actually voting no. We need to know the 10 board members who support the plan now and especially the 11 who currently do not. Some of these people are up for re-election and will be asking for donations, to sign petitions to get on the ballot, to put signs in our yards, and for our vote. There is no way I will do any of the above if they failed to do their job and represent me when I needed them the most. My business is my livelihood and that of my employees. We all suffer more every day they allow Pritkzer’s torture to continue. Many other states and towns allowed reopening long ago. Our elected officials can stop our torture at anytime. I want to know who is watching us be tortured and refusing to step in.

    Please do a simple story with every local officials name, what title they hold and their position on supporting this reopening plan even if Pritzker says no to it.


    Position Name Supports Reopening
    County Board Chuck Erickson Yes

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  2. “This is a fight against a virus, not an ideology”…….Dr Emily Landon, UofC med in Chicago.

    Actually, they have made it a fight against both Emily. And one is far deadlier than the other long term.

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  3. How many local elected officials have any knowledge or experience in infectious disease? The County Administrator doesn’t. The newly hired Director of McLean County Public Health Department doesn’t. How many have read the HOI proposal? How many have a backbone and are willing to take calculated risks? How many are considered nonessential business owners? How many are blind Pritzker supporters?

    The Mc Lean County Chamber of Commerce supports the HOI proposal as does the McLean County Farm Bureau.

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  4. Contact your County Board members and ask them to support the HOI plan. There are 13 Republicans on the board and seven Democrats. So that right there tells you that all the Republicans aren’t on board right now. Do what you can to get them all on board and we win.

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