More on Normal’s Property Taxes they don’t owe.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

On May 6th when that story was written both the Adelaide property and the empty lot on Ft. Jesse were labeled taxable on the McLean County Assessor’s website.  Ft. Jesse still is, Adelaide has finally been changed.  Evidently Normal will continue to pay property taxes on an empty lot.

A reader attempted to get information from the Council on May 6th.

Stan emailed Reece when the reader didn’t get a response:

stan to pam fansler

Pam responded to Stan, she’s right.  She wasn’t on the original email, just every Trustee:

reece adelaide

I sent a FOIA request to the Normal Township for documents about the Adelaide property.  The same day I received this:



Pam claims the paperwork was filed in August 2019.  The change was approved through the Illinois Department of Revenue in January 2020, County records weren’t changed until May 2020, after the tax bills were printed.

Understand limited government yet?

(Medicare for All would be far worse!)




10 thoughts on “More on Normal’s Property Taxes they don’t owe.

    1. Do you get the feeling from her comment that she doesn’t much care for Diane?

      Dear Pam,

      Diane is just the tip-of-the-spear. We ALL have your number and it is coming up after the next election. Get your resume tuned up honey…. we are coming to have you fired (and maybe prosecuted).

      Your Worst Nightmare (besides Diane)

      Trouble 2

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  1. I wanted to help Pam with a few points to add to her resume.

    – Took a town with a surplus of $100M to a debt load of $100M in less than 20 years.
    – Changed the public perception of being proud of their town’s fiscal policy to a local punchline.
    – Created a system where public input is ignored so staff pet projects can flourish with unlimited funding.
    – Trained residents that annual tax increases are required
    – Destroyed a historic district so staff could receive meaningless awards

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  2. I wish i could be that stupid at my job and still have. On second thought that’s impossible for me but I’m in the private sector.

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  3. Pamela is probably pissed Nord discovered the obvious savings so soon after he took office. You would think she would have been happy freeing up the cash for her to spend elsewhere. Instead she is snide and petty. Remember this the next time she needs more taxpayer money.

    Her self-described “conservative professional staff” get raises 3 times a year. Her hand will be out again shortly.

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