After County Administrator gets an unknown raise – she wants your money!

By: Diane Benjamin

This is the only mention in the agenda attachments of the raise the County Board awarded to Cassy Taylor last night:

Board member Chuck Erickson tried to stop it because salaries of Administrators are out of control. He couldn’t muster enough Republican votes to stop it. So, how much is it? I have no idea but I’m sure a Board member will be telling me soon. Transparency County? Do better!

That raise should be re-vote because of a stunt Cassy pulled later in the meeting. If you are consistent reader I’ve been warning you that local governments will claim they are keeping their property tax rate level with last year. Cassy Taylor did just that: (27 second video)

Grab your new Assessed Value letter. In our case the Assessed Value increased 10.29%. Cassy presented a budget that grabbed that 10.29% increase. Look at all the other taxing bodies listed – they might all try to grab more money while claiming the tax rate is level. Your property taxes are going to explode next year because of “public servants” like Taylor. Of the course the Board still has a say since the budget isn’t a done deal yet – last night was the first look.

Cassy’s new budget increased a whooping 15% – she said that will a straight face after detailing everything she is going to give you with the new found wealth. I hear fountains at the County Museum are being considered.

The Board members had access to shared microphone, some like George Wendt chose not to grab one before asking Cassy about the projected revenues. This clip has Cassy stating they predict a 15% increase. Her plan is to spend every penny. Who you vote for matters, next election is 2024.

3 thoughts on “After County Administrator gets an unknown raise – she wants your money!

  1. County admin is a ridiculous show especially at the assessment offices and staff.

    The assessors are no better

    The system and process are unexplainable and they hire admin staff to field questions in an erroneous ridiculous runaround way

    Try getting answers on GIS and comparables used and facts (you wont)

    Total runaround at citizen and taxpayer expense The communication and BOR review process and system is an exploitive mess as well too

    just because it’s legal does not make it right

  2. Property taxes are administrated by full time employees. The system is so complex that an average citizen does not stand a chance winning any relief. Citizen seeking tax relief need to band together and hire an professional tax relief attorney.

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