Republicans outflanked Democrats for County Board chair

By: Diane Benjamin

One Democrat was denied the right to attend the meeting tonight remotely which meant 9 Republicans were present and voting to 8 Democrats present and voting. The rules were changed by the Republican majority to elect a chair based on the majority present instead of a majority of the total.

On a roll call vote Susan Schafer was elected acting chair. She took the chair and proceeded to call for nominations for the permanent Board Chair.

The Democrats nominated the vice chair Elizabeth Johnston. The Republicans nominated Catherine Metzker.

Of course Metzker won 9-8. John McIntyre was a Republican so the chair remains Republican. Nothing changed accept the fight over chair ended.

I don’t know whether to say “well played” republicans or democrats now have intense energy to take over control of the Board after the 2024 elections.

It won’t take much since too often good republicans can’t

be bothered to serve their County or local board.

It would be nice if Board members could be heard. If they all have microphones they need to use them.

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