Boomers who fought for legalization have no idea how dangerous it is

You Can Be Addicted to Weed.

I Was When I Was 12.

I’m not printing excerpts of this one – you need to read it yourself:

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Cannabis is illegal at ISU however:

10 thoughts on “Boomers who fought for legalization have no idea how dangerous it is

  1. No surprise Normal is leveraging some of its economic future on weed shops. The tax money must be good. I had a former roommate back in the day that was a pothead. Many in BN would know him. Always said he could get off it anytime he wanted because it wasn’t addictive. To my knowledge, was still dabbling in it into his fifties and sixties. Saw him two years ago and looked like he was 80 instead of in his sixties. Also cost him his marriage. Had a hiding place in his garage where he kept his dope hidden from his wife and kids to where he could sneak out at various times during the day and night and enjoy a drag or two. Wouldn’t listen to anybody about getting some help.

  2. I have worked as a social worker in the field of mental health and child welfare for the last 40 years and keep up with the psychiatry journals. The incidents of schizophrenia that are related to weed use are astronomical. In layman terms, if you have a hidden crazy side, use of drugs, specificallynweed will surely bring it out. And this is just the start! We’ve given our citizens a lethal mixture of alcohol and now legal marijuana. add to that hidden mental illness and you get a great big mental health explosion that our society is in now way equiped to to deal with. Marx said the religion is the opiate for the masses. One hundred years later we have a real opiate for the masses. Makes the state richer, but the core of our country weaker.

  3. Back in the day, the weed wasn’t so potent. Now it can take you to different worlds. Did my share of partying as a younger person. No regrets. Quit cold turkey when I decided to do so, no issues. That said as soon as the demonrats came on board to legalize it, I was sure that (1) they wanted more people high so they would pay even less attention as to what government was doing to screw them over. (2) and that besides the tax revenue generated, they had other nefarious intentions.

  4. Hilarious. You can get addicted to Coca Cola, Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. Both alcohol and cigarettes kill more people than “weed”. You’re like 1930’s Reefer Madness film which made totally unsubstantiated claims about cannabis. Absolutely no one has died using cannabis. How many people have died from alcoholism and cigarettes? Millions.

  5. Killian, you missed my point. Weed contributed to the increase of psychiatric illness from users. Whether it was present before or not before use is not the issue. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people is a fact. But the reefer madness you chuckle at is coming to to a psychiatric facility near you. The weed back then was weaker. The movie was a propaganda piece. But the higher content of THC in the current weed will prove to be devastating.

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