Unwad your panties Democrats

By: Diane Benjamin

It was the Democrats who wanted to change the agreement made when a 10-10 Board was elected and a Republican was picked as chair.

Last night changed nothing. In October the last empty seat will be filled restoring the 10-10 board. A Republican will still be in charge, what the Republicans did was maintain the status quo. Democrats wouldn’t have done that, they wanted to seize power.

I guess Democrats forgot when Dave Koehler passed a law taxing the entire county for the airport when he didn’t represent most of it. I guess Democrats forgot when Sharon Chung passed a bill to change the law only for the Town of Normal to make sure citizens aren’t represented. I guess Democrats forgot when the Normal Town Council didn’t allow Stan Nord to participate remotely in a meeting.

We know who doesn’t believe in Democracy and uses dirty tricks for power.

Democrat Board member Corey Beirne was worried about people not being represented because appointments to fill the 2 empty seats couldn’t be made with a permanent chair. Last night fixed that by maintaining the status quo. I’m pretty sure he won’t be writing any apologies. He wrote this one Facebook 2 days ago:

The Democrat Party issued an equally ridiculous statement that also ignores NOTHING changed on the County Board accept a female is now the chair? Got something against woman Democrats?

6 thoughts on “Unwad your panties Democrats

  1. Little Corey can get quite riled up when he doesn’t get his way. Would you want your Unit 5 grade schooler in one of his classes? Painted fingernails to encourage gender discussions work for you?

  2. The demonrats always blame others for what they are guilty of. Been going on for years. Best thing about it is, more people are growing weary of it.

  3. Absent 9 times. Nine. Times. So we are supposed to believe that a 20ish-something U.S. Army soldier is so gravely ill that he cannot just push through it and drive on to attend such an important meeting or represent the citizens of his district for a 1.5 hour meeting ?

    Don’t let him lead you down the primrose path Mr. Beirne, he’s making a fool out of you is what his doing.

    “excusable abscence”…ha ! more like one of those day-off-better-things-to-do days. Show me a Dr’s note.

    Had an R missed the meeting, Dems would have done the same thing – only worse. Nine times worth.

  4. Pathetic attempt by Demonrats to steal the board off the back of a retiring senior with health issues. Serves them right finally getting caught out on their trickery. Good to see the GOP acting as a team. Coach Mac would really be proud.

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