Update: No Dem on the ballot for County District 10

An independent has until June 25th to file.  That person would need 549 signatures, and at least 1000 to survive a challenge.  I’ve heard a name floated – it would make the race FUN!


By:  Diane Benjamin

Filing paperwork to run for office isn’t an easy job.  Evidently the new Democrat Party Chair, Erik Rankin, didn’t help democrat candidates.

Bruce Lininger withdrew today from the November election for County Board District 10 because he only filed 20 signatures.  He needed at least 24, most candidates get double in case the signatures are challenged.

The number of signatures required to run for County offices is clearly listed on the County website.


Republican Chuck Erickson, who currently holds the seat, and Libertarian Kevin Woodard will be on the November.  The deadline has passed for Democrats to appoint another candidate..








  1. BN Deserves Better says:

    Oh no! Well, maybe Nikita can help us…perhaps the candidate was fraudulently deleted or paperwork is racist.

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