Local Republicans prove their worth

By: Diane Benjamin

The McLean Country Board Executive Committee met Monday. Members:

Every one of them is Republican except for Laurie Wollrab. Josh Barnett is questionable at best even though he claims to be Republican. I think one person were absent, I don’t know who since role wasn’t called.

This group is capable of holding meetings on video, they have audio recordings instead. These recordings can not be fast forwarded, so you have to listen to the the whole meeting if what you want to hear is at the end. It is ridiculous to have technology that makes getting information easier for citizens and not using it. Worse, the audio wasn’t posted until yesterday – the meeting was Monday. This topic is on the Agenda for today’s County Board Meeting.

The discussion of $1000 payments to all County vaccinated employees is around 19:20: https://mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/8374

Video would be easier to follow since we could see who is talking. Chair John McIntyre didn’t always strive to make that clear.

I wonder if this committee knows: To date 2,297 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized for Covid in Illinois, 679 have died. https://dph.illinois.gov/covid19/vaccine/vaccine-breakthrough.html

A couple of things I never heard mentioned:

  • cheap treatments are available but aren’t allowed to be used
  • natural immunity from having had Covid
  • most age groups have at least a 98% survival rate
  • the vaccine is experimental and not actually a vaccine

McIntyre thinks spending federal tax dollars is okay since it isn’t local money. He thinks the $1000 is a reward. Can people object on religious grounds and still get the money? I have no idea, that also wasn’t mentioned.

They have no idea how many County employees are currently vaccinated.

Chuck Erikson made a brilliant point about proving where a case originated. Nobody can, so using the excuse that County employees deal with the public and therefore need to be vaccinated is bogus.

The County wants to budget $725,000. Jim Soeldner wondered is booster shots will need to be subsidized too. If nobody knows how many are vaccinated now how can they budget? Money might go to the already vaccinated too!

Susan Schafer: The more people vaccinated the better off we all are. That remains to be seen since the shot hasn’t been around long enough to see the long term affects. Want to take a shot every 6 months+ for the rest of your life?

Nobody mentioned the County stats showing nearly everyone under 50 is in little danger of being hospitalized. I think it was the interim County Manager who rattled off facts about the costs of hospitalizations. If cheap drugs were allowed to be used many people wouldn’t be in the hospital. The County towing the IDPH line is more important than figuring out the truth. She also reported weekly testing is getting harder to find, why are the healthy being tested? When has any disease required the healthy be tested?

The County is expecting over $30,000,000 (in monopoly money) from the feds. The $1000 payouts would apply to all full time employees including elected officials.

Laurie Wollrab thinks the County didn’t care about vaccinations before they got showered with money. She doesn’t think it’s fair when people in the community aren’t paid and the County is using tax money for the incentives. McIntyre responded they cared, just didn’t have the money. Chuck Erickson doesn’t think this is the right approach. He asked what the cost of flu is to the County in medical coverage, they don’t know.

The $1000 was arrived at by asking employees what it would take to get them to take the jab. Yes, they are being bribed. No one asked if the County is prepared to cover pay and insurance costs for any employee who has an adverse effect to the vaccination.

Chuck Erickson voted no because he is against incentivizing vaccinations. Laurie Wollrab also voted no. Proof members of opposing parties can agree! All the other Republicans voted yes.

Did anyone stop and think if a simply issue has to be discussed for close to 40 minutes it’s probably a bad idea? (I doubt it) The majority of Republicans weren’t pro-freedom where people make medical decisions based on facts they research. Bribery because money dropped in your lap isn’t attractive GOP.

This issue goes before the County Board today. Unless common sense is used somewhere, it could be a long meeting, at least it will be on video.

10 thoughts on “Local Republicans prove their worth

  1. Craziness is running rampid – – sadly only one conservative voted against this nonsense (Thanks Chuck) along with a progressive (Thanks Laurie). Time to vote out the RINOs

  2. The time WILL COME that one of them (if vaccinated) will suffer the consequences. Maybe then they will wake the hell up. Not holding my breath.

  3. This is insane. Do people not realize that all of this is insane? Are people ok with being denied meds that actually work? Are people ok with being forced to be tested with tests that are not even that accurate in order to not have to be injected with a substance that doesn’t even prevent them from getting the virus that they SAY it is for? Are people ok with people losing their jobs because they don’t get a “vaccine” that doesn’t even actually work to protect them from a virus? Are people ok with the “pets” being given a treat if they do as told even if doing so could actually harm them?Have people become so meek and cowed down that they simply do as told without question? I was born in the 50’s and never did I think I would see the USA become like one big Jonesville – I sincerely think at least 1/2 or more of these people I see walking around in their face rags with their frankenshot coursing through their bodies would also line up for the Kool Aid if some “authority figure” told them it was for their own good or for the “common good”. I kind of hope I’m wrong about that but I seriously do wonder.

  4. I have no intention of being a test subject for their experimental garbage, because I already have heart problems. And I don’t wear a mask anywhere except to the doctor. Kroger, Meijer, Eastland Mall…only one employee at Kroger said anything and that’s because she used to work with my girlfriend. No one else has said a word. In fact, many employees greet me and treat me the same as if I was wearing one. If there’s no law with a fine for not wearing a mask, then I’m not wearing one.

    And I have to agree with Ronin here. I am absolutely stunned at how many people are willing to wield the power of the government against their fellow citizens. I am absolutely floored at how authoritarian the citizenry can get when told lies over and over. It’s almost like they want a civil war.

    1. Mask mandates work in BN because most residents are are weak-minded. It is more important to be liked and “not rock the boat” than to stand up for what you believe. BN has always been a good along to get along town and always will be.

  5. RONIN, this is insane that people willingly sell their FREEDOM for such a small price. On that note, perhaps you’ve read that Kyrie Irving, NBA star of the NY Nets is refusing the jab giving up $400K per game, $35mil for the season. For as much money as that man has already made in his career, if I were him,,,I would stick to my guns and continue to say “Hell No!”

  6. @RONIN Agree with every word you wrote. As for the Board executive committee, they are treading on very dangerous ground. Matter of fact, any elected official pushing or mandating this shot is massively breaching their fiduciary duty to their constituents, insofar as liability to the people they purportedly represent for potential damages. They might believe they’re indemnified for making such grossly irresponsible recommendations or edicts, and can hide behind Pritzker and his control over the Illinois purse; however, they’d better check really, really carefully with a few lawyers. They are wide open for personal lawsuits, among other things.

    1. I hope a LOT of lawsuits are coming, and Pritzker being destroyed would be delicious. Maybe it’s just my tendency to be optimistic, but I THINK the tides really are turning and the winds are shifting in our favor, it might be slow though so stay strong. These people are slowly being exposed for what they are.

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