Congrats County Board – the tablets got taken away

By: Diane Benjamin

The $1000 payments to vaccinated employees was tabled without discussion:

The County has their own democrat who refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Hannah Beer:

Every Democrat and three Republicans voted yesterday to table the jail contract for tablets. The inmates love them, today they don’t have them. The Sheriff had them all removed because the contract wasn’t approved.

The issue was tabled over charging inmates for their use. The democrats think the contract can be renegotiated so the inmates aren’t charged for their use. A black lives matter representative spoke at public comment, he isn’t black. He doesn’t think the County should make money off inmates. In other words folks: TAXPAYERS should be funding luxury items in the jail like tablets. The County also makes around $200,000 a year off the phone system, just wait until that contract comes up. The Democrats will want the inmates to get that for free too.

All of these charges to inmates help fund jail operations. If the inmates aren’t paying these bills TAXPAYERS get to pay all the bills. The incarcerated will be fed, housed, use phones, and get tablets at your expense. Crime does pay!

Black Lives Matter is feeding information to the democrats on the County Board. BLM wants the police defunded, progressive democrats are more than happy to comply. Taking away revenue is defunding the police. Local democrats: Is this your party?

Progressive Democrats don’t believe personal responsibility has anything to do with people landing in jail. They want to coddle criminals in order to rehabilitate them. Crime is rising everywhere because of democrat coddling. Local democrats: Is this your party?

Thanks to the Board action the inmates are very unhappy today, some are threatening a hunger strike. I hope the Sheriff provides them with the County Board email address, especially the democrats. They are why no tablets for the foreseeable future will be in the jail, the issue was tabled to some date in the future that wasn’t stated.

Three Republicans joined the democrats, one is expected: Josh Barnett. The other two are: Catherine Metzker and Randy Martin. Rumor is Martin wants to charge them more, hence his yes vote. I emailed Metzker, no response yet.

This is the guy the democrats are taking their marching orders from:

Hit play to hear his comment:

11 thoughts on “Congrats County Board – the tablets got taken away

  1. Hannah Beer should be removed from the County Board for her disrespect of the American Flag & Pledge of Allegiance!!  Also, I don’t understand why inmates need tablets while being incarcerated!! Ron 

  2. Why do they “need” tablets? Are they using them for “educational” purposes or pure entertainment? So we foot the bill for food, housing, internet, shopping, porn, etc while they are incarcerated? Am I wrong????

  3. I will never understand how someone can not stand for the pledge of allegiance?

    And even worse, holds a public office in the country she apparently despises.

    Please Hannah, tell us what it is that you hate.

  4. Pen, paper, stamps and envelopes. This would have been something for the inmates to be able to communicate more effectively, but it appears that BLM has helped shoot their own cause in the foot.

    Hannah Beer–get off your butt and stand for the pledge.
    Aren’t all of them up for reelection because of redistricting?

  5. Anyone who even understands the basic principles of Penology know that custodial institutions should be as self sufficient as possible – and ideally a revenue generator for the unit of government that administers it.

    The Mclean County Jail ain’t , nor should it be , any type of day spa/country club.

    Instead of tablets , try a work farm setting or road cleanup krewz.

    Always interesting to see inmates manage to come up w tablet money , yet not their fines. 🙄

  6. Beer is just another in a long line of Chicago area ungrates that invaded BN long ago via ISU and IWU. She was likely a social outcast in high school and found like minded rejects in student government while at ISU. Mentored by the Socialist- Communist Erik Rankin in the ISU Political Science Department, she was easily brainwashed into believing the USA was an unjust country. The Democratic Party of yesteryear is long gone having been replaced by a Socialist-Communist apparatus dedicated to globalism and the downfall of representative governments everywhere. Beer is just one of the many true believers running around in every town of America.

  7. I love our Sheriff! I don’t think the Board understands he is the most powerful elected official in McLean County. He plays their games way better than they do.

  8. I just wish that those that won’t stand for the pledge of allegiance would just get the hell out of my country. I know I am dreaming they won’t but I would be willing to buy a one way ticket for them.

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