Riddle me this Normal

By: Diane Benjamin


Why is the Children’s Discovery Museum installing cameras? Is crime rampant in the Museum? Just want to spy on patrons? Why is this expense charged to Innovation and Technology instead of the Museum?

The Town is spying on social media. This program returns anything it finds based on key words the Town wants to track. I saw it used with the Jelani Day portrait.

Lots of money to a paper with limited reads:

I wonder what Pam Reece needed to remediate? This expense is charged to her:

The bobbleheads won’t care and Stan Nord won’t be allowed to question these payments. Those paying the bills deserve to know however.

5 thoughts on “Riddle me this Normal

  1. Many years ago a former council man told me the city would not install cameras in the parking decks because they did not want to give citizens the impression that the parking decks were unsafe. How times have changed and certainly not for the better,

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    1. Pyongyang, Beijing, Shanghai even London – yep welcome to cameras EVERYWHERE – they’re for your safety – don’t you know? The CDM has always been pretty much full blown leftist though I’m sure they are ALL in.

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