Hannah Beer’s disrespect

By: Diane Benjamin

Not only does Democrat County Board member Hannah Beer refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, she has little respect for the death of a County employee. She refused to stand while the rest of Board did. If she can’t stand for a medical reason, she needs to explain that one!



5 thoughts on “Hannah Beer’s disrespect

  1. I have fired off an email to all the Veterans Group.  I will start to work against her. Art RodriguezChairman McLean County VACAMVETS District IV CommanderAmerican Legion Member

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  2. Beer is just another of the attention deficit twenty-somethings that run for political office just to get noticed and become local celebrities. She gets elected because people more brain dead than her vote for her. A Facebook post of hers claims America is a stolen country. Refusing to stand for the Pledge is her “look at me” moment that only someone mentally stuck in the University propaganda machine would see as a protest. Like the Squad, she takes in all the advantages of living in just “an unjust country”. Bet their are some Instagram shots somewhere of her and her gal pals partying it up maskless at The Bistro? Another useless piece of human debrie.


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