Celebrate! Will Josh Barnett be gone in November?

Barnett decided not to run again!

By: Diane Benjamin

That question is hard to answer since MANY voters see a familiar name and vote for them. Low information voters are a huge threat to good government. Barnett is frequently an obstruction to keeping the County government as small as possible with low taxes, he sides with Democrats who want a huge government more often than he doesn’t. If you want taxed to death for pet government projects, he’s your guy!

This link will show you where the new County Board Districts are: https://mcggis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=4f9db47425a74820bf017d939df4abaa

This is a close up of District 10, currently Chuck Erickson and Josh Barnett hold seats:

A new candidate is entering the race for District 10: William Holditch. He was born in Texas and has a solid background in business, healthcare, and Republican values.

If you live in this District, you can meet him tomorrow:

Meet and Greet

Saturday January 15th between 1 and 4pm at the

McLean County GOP office at 211 S Prospect Rd Suite #9 Bloomington IL 61704.










4 thoughts on “Celebrate! Will Josh Barnett be gone in November?

  1. So the county GOP is endorsing and providing support to primary candidates these days. There is a By-Law about that. But rules don’t matter to these people. The complete and utter clown show that the Mclean County GOP has become continues into 2022 apparently.

    As for Josh ‘Fat RINO’ Barnett – the party needs to just grow a spine and kick him out.


      1. Ya , providing use of the Party HQ for a primary candidates sole use IS support. Not that the support is actually much Support tho- just ask Mike Straza.


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