The data IDPH doesn’t want you to see

By: Diane Benjamin

I previously reported information about hospitalizations and deaths in vaccinated people was not available for Illinois.

Now it is, but it is deceptively reported by IDPH.

The bottom of the page has CUMULATIVE numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in COVID vaccinated people. Who cares about cumulative? I don’t.

I download their CVS file and added two columns (see highlighted) so the TREND per week can be seen:

THEIR data shows the rate of hospitalizations and deaths in fully vaccinated individuals began accelerating in August. Why? A better question to ask is why they presented cumulative numbers instead of weekly. Are they afraid to show the truth?

The below is on the same page, the percentages are still small. The question is: For how long?

8 thoughts on “The data IDPH doesn’t want you to see

  1. They are deceptive because of course they really don’t want people knowing the truth. They like to be able to just string them along in whatever direction they want them to go. I’ll say what I say often, it (the medical tyranny and lies) is not going to end until enough people simply stand up tall and say NO MORE – no more lies, no more confusion, no more double speak we are DONE. On a positive note I am seeing more and more nice open faces and even some businesses not forcing their staff to cover their faces. Ever notice how NONE of their propaganda EVER mentions TREATMENTS available – you know the ones that actually work not these killing machines they call vents and the kidney destroying remdesiver, and they NEVER mention fresh air, sunshine, exercise, vitamins, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and leading a reasonably healthy lifestyle. All they do is push masks and “social distancing” and these stupid injections and publish misleading obscure “fact sheets” like the one above. I know I’m pretty much preaching to the choir here but stand up, don’t comply, and even if you DO comply stand up for the rights of those who decide NOT to.

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  2. Excellent Diane! It is sad that more people can’t dig into databases. They have to trust people who know how to manipulate or hide them. Numbers don’t lie. Like you say these numbers only point to an issue (increases starting in August) they still don’t tell us the reason for the increase.
    Similarly the Equity and Inclusion gang (especially in Unit 5) rely on data to establish an issue, like punishment numbers and gifted program numbers. BUT then they take it one step too far and decide that the sole cause is racism.
    In this case, numbers don’t lie but liars use numbers.

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    1. Yes the increase in August is actually quite interesting, but let’s not dwell on that let’s just “get these shots in the arms”. Oh and they are still putting or trying to put covid down as cause of death even when it’s not.


  3. The number of hospitalizations and deaths for our children under 17 is holding steady at _zero_.
    But the administration that they call Biden’s is getting ready to mandate vaccinations for children as young as 5!
    That’ll teach those squirts to trust their parents!

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