District 87 Board meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin

A group of parents attended last night’s meeting. It was held in the auditorium at BHS, a room that big was not needed.

Two weeks ago many of the same people attended at the same location and walked in without masks. Last night two police officers were posted at the door not allowing people without masks to enter. After much back and forth we all entered with masks and then took them off. One officer made it clear he wasn’t going to come in the building to enforce the Superintendent’s mask mandate. Not a word was said about us being maskless.

Start with the two videos below. The video begins with Becky Swan demanding a radical student not be allowed to video her comments. He has been known to twist her words. He eventually did comply. Becky is not going to let this School Board cover up felonies like the school board in Loudoun County Virginia did where a boy in a skirt entered the girls bathroom and raped a 14 year old. He was transferred to another school where he did it again. The School Board tried to bury the facts, they even had the father of the first girl arrested at a meeting. That father is why the DOJ wants to send the FBI to arrest parents.

I’m posting this video so other parents don’t think there is nothing that can be done. Becky mentions several incidents that have occurred in District 87 schools. It’s your district, know something say something!

Mary Carlisle spoke not only about Constitutional Rights to address School Boards but also about the educational value of a District 87 education. It isn’t good, it is Barry Reilly’s legacy. One note: Reilly revealed he has thyroid cancer and may miss the next meeting. He expects to make a full recovery however.

14 thoughts on “District 87 Board meeting last night

  1. Boy you’re posting misinformation. The student who raped another student was NOT “transferred” to another school, he was arrested.

    “Following a thorough investigation by its Special Victims Unit over the course of several weeks, a 14-year-old male was arrested on July 8 on two counts of forcible sodomy, the office said.

    “Following the arrest on July 8, 2021, the judicial process was turned over to the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office to determine bail, or in the case of a juvenile, the continuance of detention or other legal restrictions set forth as part of court proceedings in the Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court,” the statement said.”

    The crime involved two minors one who was a special crime victim. No one was covering anything up. The juvenile has been charged with sex crimes. You would know this if you spent a couple of minutes researching that story. Apparently you rather make things up.

    1. School officials won’t comment on the rapists transfer (WaPo). He’s in the same district. If you’d rather used enrolled, that’s fine. They allowed him to enroll in another high school. Another rape occurred five months after the first assault. He was arrested twice. The first, two months after the rape (May/July). The second arrest, a day after that rape (Oct. 6-7). So with your reasoning, the fact that he was arrested means it’s all better. The fact is that if he was not allowed to enroll in the second school, the second rape may not have happened. The district failed these kids.

  2. Has dcfs been informed of these issues? Teachers are in a caretaker role with the students. The school staff are required by law to contact dcfs if they have knowledge of alleged abuse.

  3. Coverup is not something new wasn’t there a teacher at unit 5 who was known as a child predator who went to Urbana schools with no forewarning from unit 5 . He went on to commit the same crimes in Urbana. Parents do need to be involved and to continue to hold anyone that has a say in their child’s education accountable.

    1. District 87 and likely most public schools cover up everything. Sometimes teachers care but it’s the administration’s job to cover it up, and get more money regardless of the trauma children are forced to endure.

  4. Maxine Waters says to confront the opposition in public. At the grocery store, the gas station, wherever. Might save you from being called a domestic terrorist at a school board meeting. Still freedom of speech is not to be denied.

  5. Gram (radical student wanting to video) posted on Facebook last year that he would ‘like to put a bomb in a chicken and let it loose in a local conservative radio station.’

    1. By any chance did law enforcement follow up with him on this threat? If they are looking for reasons to be concerned, this would certainly meet that criteria.

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