By: Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA request with the Illinois Department of Public Health last week. The data I really want they don’t track!

They can’t tell me how many COVID infections today are in fully vaccinated people. That means they also don’t know how many of the cases are in unvaccinated people. IDPH only tracks vaccination status of people hospitalized or those who die:

Note: That .027% hospitalized is the percent of all people vaccinated, that isn’t the percent of those hospitalized who are vaccinated.

Before sending a FOIA to IDPH I FOIA’d the Mclean County Health Department for the County data. They don’t track the vaccination status for anyone:

Thank you for contacting us. You can access our historical data related to COVID at . We have the number of vaccine’s given, but we do not track the vaccination status of those who are deceased or active cases. IDPH might better be able to assist you. 

Actual hard to read response:

As of yesterday, 30 people are hospitalized with COVID in McLean County.

All 30 could be fully vaccinated. Nobody knows because either they actually don’t track it or it’s a secret. Why don’t they know? Isn’t that at least a little important to know?

Click on the IDPH link. It shows 87% of the deaths in breakthrough cases are in people 65+. That age group was the target for vaccinations because they were more vulnerable.

When some Illinois government official spews “the unvaccinated are spreading COVID”, ask them to prove it. They can’t.

IDPH didn’t bother with something free like email, they located my address and sent a letter instead:

3 thoughts on “IDPH FOIA: COVID data

  1. Basic data like this is required to understand effectiveness, planning countermeasures for current and future pandemics. As time goes on it becomes more obvious we have people in control that couldn’t find there way out of an open ended tunnel.

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  2. Not “The Science” I learned, but then public education of the subjects I learned is not taught anymore and the test scores prove they have gotten worse. A rushed vaccine and not even tracking the results both good and bad leaves one to doubt the actual effectiveness and safety of this vaccine. I have been prescribed at least three medications, approved by FDA that were later pulled from the market as the long term effects were determined to be hazardous to ones life.


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