Marxism in Illinois Higher Education

By: Diane Benjamin

Racism is so prevalent at ISU you are expected to forget this guy used to run the place:

Al Bowman

Yesterday the ISU Academic Senate passed a recommendation to require all students to take a course on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in U.S. Society in order to graduate.

These courses are classic Karl Marx. The purpose is to make sure every student knows if they are the oppressors or the oppressed.

Which group does Al Bowman fall into? People of color are taught they can’t succeed because they are oppressed by white supremist types, all white people.

Which group does ISU employee and Bloomington Mayor Mboka Mwilambwe fall into?


What about Bloomington’s Deputy City Manager Billy Tyus?


ISU will not be the only school mandating IDEAS, see how the language keeps changing? Yes, a new moniker since DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) is too familiar. IDEAS doesn’t sound as threatening if you don’t know what the letters stand for.

The State of Illinois has now imbedded in law this requirement for graduation from every state school including community colleges.

This assault on society can only end if:

  • Parent refuse to allow their children to be indoctrinated instead of educated-use their tactics against them (BDS – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)
  • Or when people of color get tired of being used by the Marxists to destroy the country

Illinois has also mandated every future teacher is trained in Culturally Responsive Teaching. Kids have to know very early whether they are oppressors or oppressed. Teachers will make sure your kids know which ones have no future because of the color or their skin and which ones did it to them.

FYI: Did you know ISU is not allowing any religious exemptions for not being vaccinated? They are firing employees for not getting jabbed or submitting to weekly testing. Are those people segregated so everybody knows who isn’t complying?

Martin Luther King can not be included in Black History Month anymore in Illinois. The Marxists don’t want people judged on the content of their character. ISU needs to cancel their yearly festivities where a far left speaker is brought in to reinforce their message. See one of their past speakers here:

Think fights in schools are bad now? Just wait. The Marxists are trying to start a race war since they failed at starting a class war.

The Academic Senate at ISU passed this yesterday 46-3. The 46 applauded. See what they passed here, your tax dollars are paying for it:

19 thoughts on “Marxism in Illinois Higher Education

  1. They’re not firing anyone for not getting “jabbed.” If they’re fired, it’s because they are not getting tested weekly, which is required if hey didn’t get “jabbed.”

      1. Good luck getting data from IDPH. 🙂

        You should really remove the “FYI: Did you know ISU is not allowing any religious exemptions for not being vaccinated? They are firing employees for not getting jabbed.” It’s just simply not true.

      2. It does speak volumes, science trumps religion.

        But, that’s the problem, writer/ outlets don’t correct stories (that 100% includes national media) when they’re called out and proved wrong. The misinformation continues…

  2. GEEZ! ANOTHER test to graduate! And here I thought that P-Chem would be MY hardest class, but this IDEALS class sounds so “WOKE” to me that I’d still be in school, or be a dropout!
    Just what we NEED, ANOTHER stupid mandate from 46 oscillating heads that THINK they have a great ideal. When I went to ISU, we administered a test to something like 1500 or 2000 students, which had a map of the U.S.A. and a LIST of the 50 states, YOU had to match them up. The results were rather dismal to say the least.
    Glad I’m OUT OF uptown, since Babbits and all the GOOD places have been replaced by “progress”

    1. Based on the list of classes I’ve seen that will meet the requirement, it’s highly likely you would have met it through one of your general education courses, without even knowing it. This ‘outrage’ is much ado about nothing. ISU is actually behind, as most colleges/universities have had a requirement like this for years. It’s just embedded in their general education program, and has a different name.
      And it’s IDEA, not IDEAL.

  3. I have never met a black person in my life that did not claim they were oppressed no matter how successful they were or became. The sentiment is ingrained in the culture likely without end. So yes, all three of those pictured at sometime in their lives have likely claimed oppression and likely even after obtaining their career positions. Black mothers and grandmothers mad at being abandoned by husbands or baby daddy’s are the primary sources that feed the flames. No different than a white trash mother blaming her poor reproductive decisions on everyone but herself.

  4. I would say that Al Bowman was the best thing that ever happened to ISU. All this nonsense is certainly not from him. I put it at the feet of Larry Dietz who just didn’t know how to stand up to the left wing minority that he made the majority.

    My preferred pronouns are he, his and him.

  5. Mpeabody, right on it’s ingrained in culture and things will not get any better you now have 3 generations of children growing up without any family unit and these children have continued the trend and all they see is free stuff from birth and it continues with uncontrolled blue cards, the link card after age 18. And now they are being taught that it is someone else’s fault for their position in life . How sad

  6. @BNINDY: It is very apparent that for many science is their religion. And if we have learned anything over the past 20 months or so is that the science changes constantly. And when the science doesn’t work, those that tout it often resort to coercion, bribes, and then just plain bullying to get their way. By the way, where’s the Not In Our Town gang and Mike Matejka? Wasn’t that whole thing started as an “anti-bullying” effort? It seems they have lost their roots in favor of the Marxist agenda.

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