The fake Republicans on the Normal Town Council

By: Diane Benjamin

Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston claim to be Republicans. This story proves they are fakes.

First a quick review of what Enterprise Funds are. Local government decided years ago people need to pay for what they use. Hence, Enterprise funds were created to specifically tax you based on usage. Water is one of those funds. All revenue and expenses go to the fund and reserves are accumulated for future use.

Start with this short video of Kathleen Lorenz responding to Stan Nord about shifting money to the Water Enterprise fund. She thinks it is bad practice to monkey around with funds. The discussion was on increasing water rates because in the future greater reserves might be needed. This meeting took place March 2, 2020. Scott Preston voted against the rate increase, it is later when he ripped up his Republican card. Lorenz voted for it.

So, why am I mentioning this?

Because Monday night Kathleen showed her hypocrisy concerning the Water Enterprise Fund. Scott Preston followed her off the cliff. The entire Council did with the exception of Stan Nord.


The Council voted to spend $81,018 to equip two water department vehicles with snow plows.

Note: Water Department vehicles are paid for through the Water Enterprise Fund, plowing snow is paid for from the General Fund.

Worse: The snow plow equipment is being paid for with YOUR Water funds, remember Lorenz declared those funds sacrosanct? The video is above, Monday night she was silent.

Much worse: These two snow plows were not bid, the Town just decided to buy them from the same vendor they used in 2007. (14 years ago) That vendor isn’t local, no local suppliers were asked what their price would be. Buy local is for the serfs, not the “professional staff”.

It gets even worse:

Stan Nord asked Pam Reece questions before the meeting. The yellow is Pam’s response:

The Town purchasing policy says all purchases over $25,000 must be bid. Exceptions are listed – not a one of them apply to this purchase.

Fake Republicans Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston didn’t care when Stan brought up all these points. The vote to approve the purchase was 6-1. See Progressives at work? You should.

Evidently being a RINO requires buying into different rules if the “professional staff” says they should. Town code is meaningless when the people you elect to adhere to the code (written to protect taxpayers) is ignored.

The snow plow equipment wasn’t in the 5 year budget. Neither is the underpass. Both Lorenz and Preston voted yes anyway. Earlier in the video below is the budget conversation. Chris Koos says the Council needs to trust the “professional staff” since budget details aren’t included. In other words, elected officials aren’t required.

Mentioned in the 2020 discussion was the receipt of cannabis tax funds. Funny how neither city has told it’s citizens how much they have received or where it is being spent. (Your money is their secret!)

Just hit play to hear the entire conversation on raising your water rates more than a year a ago. Koos claims the rates you pay are the actual cost of delivering water to your home. Not after Monday Chris, citizens are now paying for snow removal and equipment in their water bill. That means less money has to be spent from the General Fund to clear the streets providing the Town with more General Fund to spend as they like. Pam Reece says they have the ability to move money between funds, they just don’t want to. (Until last Monday – change the rules when as required)

3 thoughts on “The fake Republicans on the Normal Town Council

  1. WHO made these people “PROFESSIONALS” I want to see credentials. Kathleen? Scott? Reece?
    Just TWO blogs back, MANY questioned Bill Flick and his FACTS, so is he a “PROFESSIONAL” fact checker since he writes a column? Is Koos a “PROFESSIONAL” runner since he owns a running shoe shop? IF that’s the case I know a LOT of PROFESSIONALS!!

  2. I continue to stand by my claim that the public is mislead by politicians and bureaucrats in Normal about why taxes/fees are raised and how the money will be spent. Normal’s use of Water Fund dollars to purchase snow equipment for road maintenance is another example of why you should trust very little that is said by this administration. And because snow in water is not a honest excuse!

    Without ethical over-site, Enterprise Funds are just another deceptive “gimmick” Normal uses to make it easier to fleece more money from the public.

    Want more honesty and transparency in Normal? Elect more people who will fight for truth in taxation and spending. Ask your local political party if their elected officials are expected to support truth or deception in taxation and spending then check their voting record.

    BTW…I believe the purpose of this deceitful scheme is to free up money in the general fund for the Underpass.

    Stan Nord – Council member who expects truth in taxation and spending.

    1. Stan Nord – – Please Keep Up The Great Work!!!
      In Private Business – – these antics would end in employee(s) termination.
      In Public Office – employees are protected to no end no matter what they do.
      pammy should have been terminated years ago due to her continual lies.

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