Bill Flick: Trying to re-write history?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Since I don’t read the Pantagraph, a reader told me what Bill Flick wrote in a column last Sunday.

Maybe Flick can be forgiven for not knowing the truth since his paper dutifully printed the bogus Profit/Loss numbers reported by the former managers and NEVER the audited numbers that showed huge losses. Even with their numbers, the arena wasn’t “prosperous”.

Flick can’t be forgiven for “ran it wrong”.

People pled guilty to T-H-E-F-T.

That’s more than “ran it wrong”.

The real tragedy is the people of Bloomington never got to hear who didn’t protect them. Former City Manager David Hales was never forced to testify as to why he did nothing when he knew theft was occurring. Ditto for the brain dead Council members.

I told them MANY times and even filed a lawsuit against them. Alderman Judy Stearns told them. Everybody knew, nobody cared about taxpayers.

The City didn’t “get rid of the management team”, they refused changes to their contract when the 10 year original contract expired. They didn’t want transparency, they walked away.

Unfortunately, when they walked away it wasn’t across the street to the County Jail.

Reason number #654,487 for not subscribing to the paper.

Maybe Flick is talking about the next firm hired to manage the Coliseum. Remember the guy who used taxpayer money for personal stuff? Is that the “prosperous” Bill?

I don’t expect a retraction, but since I don’t read the paper I won’t know even if he does.







7 thoughts on “Bill Flick: Trying to re-write history?

  1. The Pantagraph wanted to sell their downtown building to the City of Bloomington. Are you really surprised the Pantagraph avoided articles to be published that would paint their potential property suitor in a negative light? Come-on-man!

  2. With marijuana legal in Illinois, what happened to all the highly trained police dogs who used to get people arrested after they smelled the stuff? Are they unemployed? And while at it, this question, too: how did they ever avoid getting high in the first place?”

    Dumb comment of the year goes to Bill Flick. Well BILL…those highly trained police dogs do more than sniff for marijuana. Also, marijuana is legal if bought under the guidelines of Illinois. Joe Blow growing and selling his own marijuana is one example of not legal.

    COME on Bill. You used to be funny. Not you are a sad column writer that is out of touch with many things.

  3. The Pantagraph SHOULD just drop that column, as there has been SO MANY “wrong” facts in it that it’s just amazing it hasn’t drifted to the comics page.

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