ISU is embarrassing . . NIOT?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Martin Luther King Day was last Monday, but ISU won’t be holding their annual dinner until Friday.  Maybe even ISU knows this event should not be held on MLK Day since King would never approve of the speakers they bring in.

King was a minister.  King was a Republican.  King knew the fire hoses meant to break up his peaceful protests were ordered by Democrats.  King knew the Jim Crow laws were made by Democrats.  King spoke of Freedom – see the end of King’s I Have A Dream speech – Let Freedom Ring!  I Have A Dream

For years ISU has invited the most extreme left-wing speakers to campus to speak at their MLK event.  This year is no different.  Just yesterday this year’s Key Note speaker said this:   Source


Does this comment align with the values of Martin Luther King?


The Speaker Friday is Marc Lemont Hill – See the sold out event here

Hill also doesn’t believe blacks are capable of racism, even after a Black Lives Matter member slaughtered 5 Dallas policemen.  Source

Does Hill think blacks and race relations are better after 8 years of the first black president?  Maybe somebody will ask.

Where is Not In Our Town?

ISU is bringing in a speaker who denigrates “Negroes” who have left the Democrat plantation, and that’s not HATE SPEECH?  It’s acceptable for blacks to attack other blacks for their beliefs?  Isn’t it Not In Our Town‘s job to expose and oppose hate speech in Bloomington-Normal?

Friday’s Speaker is:

. . . presented by Office of the President, Illinois State University Housing Services and ISU Student Chapter of NAACP.

Next year maybe ISU can find a Black Republican speaker who does reflect the values and principles Martin Luther King died for.

(don’t hold your breath)

I’m embarrassed to be an ISU graduate.


18 thoughts on “ISU is embarrassing . . NIOT?

  1. Talk about FAKE NEWS. MLK a Republican? What right-wing rag posing as a news source convinced you of that? If anything, he was independent. He was as Republican as Fidel Castro was Capitalist. If you dont like the speakers at ISU, so be it. But at least have the restraint to not appropriate MLK to further your political agenda. And above all don’t pretend the GOP of today even remotely resembles the party that Lincoln founded. You know those Democrats that championed segregation? They somehow found their way to the GOP under Nixon’s southern strategy. The fact you don’t even mention this leads me to believe you are either willfully ignorant of history or like to puff the GOP’s history to downplay its less than savory moments. Stick to the local stuff. By the way, I voted for Evan McConnell just in case you want to embarrass yourself trying to peg me as a leftist.

      1. MLK didn’t believe in party identification. He even said in an interview that he wasn’t bound to any party. This was started by people assuming he was a Republican because his father was.

    1. As far I can tell the vast majority of racists today are still Democrats. The majority of Republicans have moved past race and embrace MLK’s vision. I agree with Diane’s comment that you are a victim of the revisionist history that Democrats keep putting out to make themselves look better. Trump has no anti-black agenda. He is not a racist, not a bigot, not a xenophobe, and not a homophobe. Reject false narratives.

      1. You’ve read trump’s tweets, right? He is definetely a bigot and a racist. He is also a Russian puppet and a con man.

  2. For u to keep in mind. We questioned cayla about these radical speakers. And how they can be packed( pantograph printed a pic one time) We was very concerned.

    she told us that the professors tell the students to attend these ” speakers” for their classroom grades. This is one reason they are getting ” sold out” crowds. Cayla said most don’t want to go. But have to. Especially if they have low grades.

    And it’s how they make them listen to the propaganda I feel. It’s no wonder these kids can’t get jobs. It’s a disgrace.

    I will tell u. Some Students are standing up for trump and confronting the other few on the left swho put their tables out ” on the quad for freedom of speech) like black lives matter. So there is hope.

    Once Obama couldn’t run, and they hated Hillary, college students got quiet. They did not like either candidate so alot didn’t vote.

    This is why your seeing the left rise up against trump ” illigitimate election” and why obama says to get paper and go door to door. Run for office. And why he says he’s going to help the new young democrats who want change to change the party and heal it. They need those kids. Voters. College. And they are wanting the entire school system.

    So I think the “60s” professors now have 4 years to prepare them to rise up. Not all professors, but quite a few For the new freshmen on campus—They will be seniors at the next presidential election. I blame the administration. It’s not freedom of speech to me. It’s trying to incite hate and fights.

    Biden is going to teach now. And obama too but up in air where he’s going. I’d luv to sit in that classroom and hear his Fabian socialism idealistic crap spew from him.

    I still think they are going to the UN. International. I’m just waiting on that one. I won’t be shocked. Time will tell. One world order. The UN. In his eyes.

    Well just some info to keep in mind. Spring springs in 2 months. Ready for some warmth and sun!! U stay safe. God bless. Angela.

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  3. Dr. Lamont Hill according to ‘Discover the Networks’ is an admirer of the late Fidel Castro, the late black seperatist and racist Khalid Abdul Muhammad. And convicted cop killers Assata Shukur and Mumia Abu Jamel. Dr. Hill like some of the local leadership of NIOT have the same view that black people cannot be racist. Tell that to the special needs teenager tortured for 48 hours in Chicago. Tell that to the married inter racial couple who were confronted on video made public yesterday by a black man asking the other black man why he was with a white women who he described as one of the lowest life forms known to humanity. NIOT will not only remain silent about this racism and hate at a public university, but I suspect some of their leadership will be in attendance applauding wildly and eagerly waiting for a picture with the bigoted Dr. Hill. NIOT has been exposed as left wing hacks who are blinded by their own political agenda and have convienant amnesia when people of their own ideology display the most gross hateful and racist acts against fellow Americans. It will take Courage for NIOT to take a stand against Lamont Hill and they lack the courage to do so.

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